Thrifting Time!

Looks like there will be no more big sales for me to go to until the spring. Sigh. So on Saturday I planned to list the back log of items I have. But then I had to go to the post office and while I was out anyway I thought I would pop in to my local thrift store. I don’t mention that place much because I hardly EVER find ANYTHING there. Either the sorting lady is an ebayer or there are local people that jump in there first thing every morning. Something’s going on there. But – guess what? I found some stuff!!

Christmas was 50% off and this Hallmark Ewok ornament set was only marked $1. It’s not a great one but it may sell for $16 – $18.


These two items were in the case. They were each marked $3. They looked Scandinavian to me so I got them both for $3 and when I got them home and removed the price sticker they each said Made in Sweden. Why would they put the price sticker right over that information that would help them sell? I think they’re really sweet and they will be part of my Christmas decor until they sell.


Toys were 25% off and here’s what I picked up in the toy area.

This is the Brain from Pinky and the Brain. I think it’s the Brain because he looks like he has a big brain. He is from the series Animaniacs. I hoping to get $10 for him.


There was a bag marked $2 that had some American Girl doll clothes in it. There was a dress that I thought was a Kaya Pow Wow dress but it turned out to be a home made piece. The shoes might bring in at least $10.


There was a Lisa Frank storage box that someone might like to put a gift in. Some Lisa Frank items can do well.


The last item I purchased there was this metal train tunnel that looks vintage to me. I don’t know that much about it a will probably put it on auction. I like the way it is painted. It was marked $4. With Christmas at 50% off and the toys being 25% the lady charged me $10 for everything. This sounds low to me. I don’t think she wanted to do the math and I won’t complain.

Earlier in the week I visited my favorite thrift store and bought a brown haired Bitty Baby twin. Sometimes I can get these for $3 because they don’t realize they are American Girl dolls and they throw them in with the regular dolls but this time they saw what she was and so she had a price of $14.99. I bought her anyway and she sold immediately after listing for $44.99.


This was also at the thrift store for $5.99. It is an vintage Star Wars Imperial Shuttle from 1985. I was very excited to find it. Now I have to figure out how to ship it and how much it will cost before I can list it!


So thats it for the first week of back to thrifting only. Hope everyone is having fun preparing for the holidays and having some great sales!!

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