Vintage Dolls, Little Collections and Unique Items

There were two sales I attended this weekend. One was a children’s sale at a school and one was a Christmas Bazaar near me that featured 90% second hand items. I picked up a variety of items, some of which I have never seen before.

At the children’s sale there was a box filled with ziploc bags. In each bag was a little collection of toys. I picked up a group of Aristocat PVC figures from Disney, a set of McDonald’s McNugget Buddies with some costume pieces, a set of old Happy Meal toys and a group of Land Before Time PVC dinosaurs. I paid about $1 a bag and I’m hoping to get $10 for each set. I think the Aristocats will go for more.

I found a set of Kitchen Littles. This is a series of miniature Barbie sized toys from the 90’s. They are good quality and highly detailed and people like them for their Barbies. This set is a kitchen island with miniature foods and appliances. I hoping for $49 on this. My daughter had these when she was little and loved them.

In the basement of the church, in a pile of other toys I saw this wonderful Sasha doll looking at me. I think these dolls are so unique and beautiful. She was $2. Some of these can go for over $100 so I am hoping…


This next doll taught me something new. When I researched her I found out that she is a Waldorf style doll. Waldorf is a type of educational program along the lines of Montessori. She is made to look very simple to encourage children to use their imagination more. Most of these are made with organic materials. Compare her to the super realistic reborn style doll that I sold a few weeks ago. I don’t know which one is more frightening. Yes I do.



I also found some unique items that I had a hard time researching because I couldn’t find these items on line. The first is a child’s cup and bowl decorated with an early version of sign language. It is marked MMA (Museum of Modern Art) on the bottom. The art appears to be a reproduction of illustrations on a child’s cup from the 1800’s.

I bought a music box from the movie Black Swan featuring an image of Natalie Portman. I think this was some kind of promotional item. I never saw the movie. Too creepy for me. It’s hard to price things when there are no comparables. I will start high and see what happens.

I also picked up this IKEN create your own watch set. It comes with colorful interchangeable parts. When items are priced low sometimes it pays to take a chance. These seem to go for between $20 and $30.


I also bought some handbags between $1 and $5 including a Vera Bradley purse, a Tignanello backpack and 2 vintage Coach bags.

This may be the last sales of the season for me. I have lots to list for now. Pretty soon it will be time to hit the thrift stores again!


One response to “Vintage Dolls, Little Collections and Unique Items

  1. plasticallyperfect

    I love the kichen littles set 🙂

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