Vintage Coach Bags and Navajo Jewelry

I attended two Christmas Bazaar/Tag Sales this weekend. The first was a sale I had been to last year where it seemed they had more items. I really wasn’t finding much of anything and then, in the corner I saw a pile of handbags on a table. The bags were $2 each. I saw two vintage black leather small bags that looked like Coach to me. Since they didn’t have the Coach logo on the outside anywhere they may have escaped the attention of others. When I looked inside I was happy to see the Coach story panel in each one. One had an interesting triangle shape to it. It appears to be a bit hard to find. The style is called Megan. It is worn but I hope it will bring at least $40 because it is rare. The other bag also had a unique design on the flap. I’m hoping for $30 on this one.

I picked up this colorful Juicy Couture bag, a Lauren cosmetic case and a Vera Bradley bag as well.

I don’t pick up too much jewelry because I don’t like to fight the crowds that usually surround the jewelry tables. I arrived at the second sale almost an hour after it opened and there was only one other shopper there. There was a small area with some jewelry. The one thing that caught my eye was this pretty feather necklace decorated with blue stones. When I turned it over I saw that it was marked sterling. It was $1. When I got home I saw that there was an artist’s name on it – Lena Platero who is a native american Navajo artist! I think it’s very beautiful and cool and hopefully it will sell well.

I picked up a few items at the thrift store this week including this talking Emperor Zurg from Toy Story:


This vintage box purse which I believe is from the 1950’s. It’s in rough shape but I couldn’t leave it behind for $3. It was in the basket section at the thrift store!

For $1 I picked up this Star Trek the Experience glass from Las Vegas. I recently heard on a youtube video that souvenir cups and mugs from specific events could do well so I took a chance on this.


Sales are finally starting to pick up for the holidays. Here are some recent sales:

Estee Lauder Cinnabar: $44

Vintage Hello Kitty dishes: $19

Hallmark Rocking Horse Ornament 2nd in Series: $24

Yellow Sony Sports Walkman: $29

Berenguer anatomically correct baby boy: $34

Glass brass curio cabinet: $39

Constructo boat kit: $29

Royal Dux mid century owl: $19

Fisher Price royal family lot: $39

Happy picking and selling everyone!

2 responses to “Vintage Coach Bags and Navajo Jewelry

  1. I always look forward to seeing your posts and reading about items you have purchased and are going to list. Hope you had a good holiday.

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