Bizarre Christmas Bazaars

From November to the beginning of December there are still sales that I like to go to but they take on a sort of schizophrenic quality in that they don’t really know what they are. Often they are advertised as Christmas Bazaars which means they can be a combination of craft fair, bake sale, vendor sale and sometimes – the part that I’m interested in – tag sale, white elephant or Grandma’s attic.

One Christmas sale that I attended on Saturday had baked goods, crafts and some older items but it was confusing. In one area items were marked so high! I picked up a blue Herend bear. It was priced 200. Two dollars? No. Two hundred. Which is the top price you can get on Ebay for this kind of figure. So – am I at a tag sale or a very expensive, actually overpriced antique store? On another table there were some items priced lower but still between $5 and $10 for things like candles and placemats. I headed out the door but on the way out, in the small entrance way were two tables with items priced between $1 and $2. Here is where I shopped and this is what I found.

For $2 I picked up this big eyed doll from 1965 by a company named Royal. She has her complete outfit and I am hoping to get $30 for her. She is my favorite pick up of the whole day.

For another $2 I picked up was a vintage Madame Alexander baby doll which I believe is called a Puddin’ doll. She has a very cute face but unfortunately has had her hair cut.

The third and last thing I purchased, also for $2 was this yellow Sony walkman with headphones. I was relieved to find that they worked after I put in new batteries. These can sell for between $2o and $30.

The first sale I attended Saturday morning was at a school. It also was advertised as a Holiday sale but appeared to be families set up at tables selling their stuff. There was one lady there selling American Girl doll items at Ebay prices but at other tables I found some items.

I picked up a bottle of Cinnabar perfume by Estee Lauder. It was $2 and I am hoping to sell it for $39. Some perfumes can sell for good money and you can still get them cheaply.


I picked up a glass and brass curio cabinet. I have sold these before and they are scary to ship. I paid $5 for this one and am hoping to get $39 for it.


The sale I was most looking forward to was a used toy sale at a school which was not as good as I hoped. I bought three things. This set of 3 vintage Strombecker doll furniture pieces was $8 which was probably too much but I love things like this. I am probably reaching but I am starting this set at $29.


I found one Super Why Princess doll. If you find the set of 4 you can sell it for over $50. I hope to get $14 for her.


The last thing I bought was a small set of Littlest Pet Shop items.


So, those were my adventures at the bizarre bazaars. I hope everyone who celebrates has a great Thanksgiving! I am hoping to attend more holiday craft bake tag grandma’s attic white elephant or whatever sales next week!

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