Tag Sale Haul For Resale – Toys, Dolls and Plush

I attended three sales this weekend. The first and best was a children’s sale for a nursery school. They had a $5 early bird fee but what made that OK was there were 3 big boxes out front filled with free plush! I fished through and took about 12 without researching. After bringing them home it seems there are 3 I can sell. The best one is this pink owl by Nat and Jules. I have seen them sell between $25 and $36. I picked it up because it’s very cute.


The other 2 items I hope will sell for at least $10 each are this family hand puppet from Austria and this Gund baby toy of a stylized Big Bad Wolf filled with small toys.

Inside I paid 7 more dollars and bought this Lammily doll which apparently is a doll developed to represent a more realistic body type than Barbie. I don’t know. To me she just looks like she has bad posture.


Another find at this sale was this American Girl Bitty Baby. She comes with her pajamas and a doll /bitty bear carrier. All the dolls were marked at $2. (photo to come). When I took the doll’s pajamas off to clean her I discovered that her arm was ripped with stuffing coming out between the vinyl arm and cloth body. I think I can still sell her as a TLC doll. I’m sure there is someone who can repair her.


On the way home I stopped at a Church Christmas Bazaar with a small tag sale area. It was about 11:00 and it had started at 9:00 so I didn’t have high hopes but I found a bag of fisher  price Royal Family Little People for $2. I have seen similar groups sell for between $40 and $50. Sometimes you can still find good items at a sale even if you go late!


At this same sale I picked up these two plastic canoes by a company called Timpo. They are vintage and were made in Great Britain. I paid $1 and am hoping to make $10 from the pair.


One item that was not pictured from last week was this set of miniature Hello Kitty dishes. They were in a bag for $1 and I believe they are from the 1970’s. My first ever sales on Ebay were when I sold my sister’s childhood Hello Kitty collection for her. She found them in a shoebox and was going to toss them. I couldn’t believe how much money she made and I was hooked!


Those are the highlights from this weekend! Tag sales are definitely beginning to wind down but should be able to hold on for a few more weeks!

One response to “Tag Sale Haul For Resale – Toys, Dolls and Plush

  1. Wendy

    Don’t you love those free boxes! The Hello Kitty are sweet. I didn’t know that line went back to the 1970’s. Nice find on the Fisher Price!

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