When Life Gives You Lemons – Sell Them!

I went to four sales this weekend and it was good however I did end up with a few lemons. At one sale I bought two porcelain trinket boxes. They were by an English company called Crummles and both appeared to come in the original box. Even though they were $5 each I bought them because I have had luck before selling similar boxes. I only realized after I got home that one of the porcelain boxes was a generic, unmarked box which didn’t belong in the box it came in. This is what the correct set looks like:

This is what the incorrect set looks like.

I decided I would try to sell the square trinket box and also the empty box (separately). Someone may have a Crummles trinket box without an outer box.

The other lemon was a Lenox Christmas music box. When I bought it, it was inside 1/2 of a styrofoam packing container. I left it in there when I bought it thinking it would be protected. When I got home and pulled out the music box – the bottom was covered in mold. Yuck! I wrapped it in a plastic bag and quickly threw it away.

There rest of the items I picked up this weekend were fine. One sale I went to had Christmas ornaments for 25 cents. I picked up a Lenox reindeer, a victorian style porcelain girl holding a doll, a Dunkin’ Donuts cup and a Henning of Norway wooden caroling figure. The last one is a candle holder – not an ornament.

Another group of small items I picked up were these five Hagen Renaker porcelain miniature dogs. I think I was charged $1 for all. Some of these animals can do well even on their own but I am lotting up this group and hope to get $19.99 for it.


At this same sale I also picked up this woven rug for $2. It is marked rug-pirot from Yugoslavia. It is small at only 24″ x 18″. I thought someone might like the primitive graphics on it.


At the same sale where I picked up the moldy Lenox I also picked up this Lenox figure of a snowman pulling a snow boy in a sled. This is marked “retail exclusive” and looks like it may go for between $30 and $40. I paid $3. That’s also how much they charged for the Lenox music box. I’m glad there wasn’t an extra charge for the mold!


At this sale I also picked up a black Coach wristlet phone case for $1. I am hoping to get $24 for it.


I found a box of Lego trains and tracks sitting under some stuffed animals. I believe this is a remote control motorized train which means I will have to test it. She charged me $2 for it. : )


Even though mugs don’t sell well for me, I continue to purchase them. I have a problem but I couldn’t leave this guy behind. According to research that I’ve done he should sell for at least $14. But I have done research before and sometimes what mugs do for other people they don’t do for me. But this guy is super cool!


I stopped at a few yard sales as well, and as usual, didn’t find much except this pair of Nambe lead crystal candle holders. They were marked $3 and had their original box. They are beautiful and I thought it was a good deal.

This weekend had it’s ups and downs. I guess life usually does, but overall – it was a lot of fun!!

2 responses to “When Life Gives You Lemons – Sell Them!

  1. Wendy

    As long as it was fun! Great finds!

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