Vintage Charm and Christmas!

I found several charming vintage items this weekend. I attended 3 church sales. None of them were spectacular but there was enough stuff to keep me happy!

At the first sale I picked up this Triple Treasure coin bank. It is cardboard and metal and I love the illustrations. It is dated 1957. I think it could be put out at Christmas because it features Santa!


I purchased four other Christmas items this weekend including a vintage glass ornament with glass angels and a Christmas tree inside,  a Joan Anglund Walsh ornament of one of her cute figures as a chef baking Christmas cookies and two plastic Chrismas village houses with holes for lights. My favorite was a set of 4 Goebel angel bells each holding a different instrument.

At the housewares table at one sale, these Villeroy & Boch Design Naif trays were each marked $1. They are decorated with colorful primitive style illustrations and signed Laplau. I have sold similar items before.

This also seemed to be a weekend for figurines. This music box by Schmid caught my eye. It features a bunny dressed as an English Bobby and plays Waltzing Matilda. I don’t know what the connection is between the subject matter and the song. I also found a sweet Beswick England Beatrix Potter figurine of Mrs. Rabbit.

This wooden giraffe puzzle box was too unique to pass up even though I don’t think it has a lot of value. There was also this vintage set of 3 poodles held together with a chain. They would be more valuable if they were ceramic but they are plastic painted to look like wood. I like their gem eyes!

I picked up a Kipling bag which I have heard can do well. I love the blue gorilla key chain it comes with and apparently is part of the brand.

I also picked up a box of 26 Littlest Pet Shop animals for $1. There are several cats and dogs here so I hope it will do well.


The last thing I will share is this funny vintage Executive Teddy Bear. When you pull his string he says encouraging phrases like “You’re a born leader” and “You’re going to the top”. I need a bear for Ebay that says “That’s going to sell for a lot of money” and “Get off your bottom and start listing!”


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