A New Kind of Barbie, Mid Century Modern and More!

I found a very quiet tag sale this weekend up the street from me. It was not in the paper but there was a sign on the street for it. It was not very well attended because even on the second day, I was still able to find good items.

I spotted a doll for $1 that kind of looked like the old style Barbie doll and she was dressed in one of those scary crocheted dresses. I don’t know what the deal is with those crocheted doll dresses. Are they for learning how to crochet? Because the finished product is – what’s the word – not flattering on any doll. Anyway, I bought the doll and after I cut that horrible dress off her found that she was marked Davtex on her neck. I learned that this is a kind of Barbie clone doll. Usually repros or copies of things are not valuable but apparently there are people that collect Barbie clone dolls. This one had her original swimsuit and shoes (under the horrible dress). She was in great condition. I put her up for $24 and she sold within 10 minutes of being listed!

For $2 at this same sale I picked up this pretty pin cushion with a half porcelain doll in the middle. It is marked “Foreign” inside the doll. I put her up for $24. I think she’s really sweet. There is no date but I think she may be 50’s or 60’s.

This funky clock was marked $2. I love the colors and the 60’s – 70’s – flower power look that it has.

There was a free box at this sale that was filled with old Fisher Price Little People items. I asked for a bag and filled it with every piece I could find. I was willing to pay something for it because I took quite a few pieces but the lady said they were free. I wasn’t going to argue. I put these pieces together with some other miscellaneous Fisher Price Little People pieces that I had to put together this lot.


Earlier in the day I went to a church sale. I picked up this cat which was marked Flavia Italy and it turns out to be a mid century modern piece.


I picked up a pair of angel candlestick holders that were marked Goebel on the bottom. After I photographed them and was measuring them I saw that they were also signed Lisa L. which I believe is Lisa Larson. I was glad I got that information before I listed them.


I love vintage Christmas ornaments. This box was $3 at the church sale. Most of the ornaments are either marked Shiny Brite or Poland. I especially like the lantern shaped Shiny Brites near the bottom. There is something so precious and festive about a box like this.


The ladies at the church sale were kind of funny. They were oohing and aahhing over all the items that people were buying. The lady checking me out wanted the cat and she said – about the ornaments – you know these are very old – I think they were someones grandma’s. I guess they were trying to make us feel like we were getting good deals which I guess, we were. I felt sorry for this one lady though who wanted to buy a Yankee candle. It was marked 5 and she offered 3 for it and the church lady said “You know – those are $50 dollars at the store!” Yes – maybe – I thought, but this is not a store and that is not a new candle. Just take the $3 for it! I paid $16.50 for all the items I got there.

Those were my purchases this weekend. If you are having a three day weekend like here in the US – enjoy!!

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