Vintage Disney, Fisher Price and Dolls

The weather was gray and wet this weekend but the sales brightened my spirits. There was a large community sale that was very crowded. I had to really dig to find a few good items. The best find there was this group of vintage dolls from 1970 called Finger Ding dolls. You put your fingers in their legs to make them walk. I only recognized one doll because it was one I had as a child. The other characters in the bag looked very odd to me but I found out later that they were animal Finger Dings and are somewhat rare. I guess little girls like me thought they were freaky looking back then too and didn’t purchase them too often, making them hard to find today.


This next item is a small pocket knife with a Shell Oil logo on it. I thought the material was some kind of faux mother of pearl. My husband informed me that in fact it is referred to as Mother of Toilet Seat which I think is hilarious.


I picked up this pair of leather horse figures. I think they are ornaments because they have strings attached to them. They have a very tacky vintage look.


I like this sweet vintage child’s drinking cup from Italy. These items don’t sell for very much but I enjoy them, so when they are cheap I usually pick them up.

Another large item I bought at this sale was a fold up vinyl Barbie Country Living Home which came with some of the original furniture pieces inside. Although big and bulky to ship, for $2 I couldn’t pass it up.


At a church sale I bought some vintage Hallmark ornaments and this Fisher Price Happy Apple toy which I have sold before.


Surprisingly many of the items from the last post have sold already so I will do a quick sales update.

Cars Lightning McQueen costume: $49.99

Count Von Cout Puppet: $24.99

Madame Alexander “Caroline” doll: $49.95

Anri music box angel: $45.99

Fisher Price RV camper set: $49.99

Weebles Wooble airplane with figures: $24.99

I’m hoping this is a sign that holiday shopping has begun!

One response to “Vintage Disney, Fisher Price and Dolls

  1. Fonda Rush

    Those sold prices are great! Thank you for sharing your finds and sales!

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