Barbie, Books, Bambi and Bananas

I have a mix of items this week purchased at the thrift store, a church sale, a temple sale and some tag sales. That sounds like a lot of sales but I didn’t really buy too many items.

This funny guy was from the thrift store for $3. He is Zippy the Cheerful Chimp and a reproduction of an old creepy toy. Now he’s a new creepy toy. I have him listed for $39. Creepy sells.


Also at the thrift, in one of the hanging bags for $2 were these vintage plastic deer. I believe people use them for Christmas decor. I’m hoping to get $19 for the pair. I think they are very charming and vintage looking with their big eyes!


At a church sale I picked up a set of these Nutshell Library Christmas books. They measure about 4″ tall. I believe they are from the 1960’s originally although this set may be later because there is a UPC code on the side. I had a set similar to these when I was a child. I always loved little things so this was nostalgic for me!

I went to a temple sale and purchased a few things. There was an unadvertised early bird so when me and my friend arrived I’m afraid it was already picked through but I found a few items. The best one was this vintage Scooby Doo toy from the 1970’s.


I also like this brass candlestick holder shaped like a little man. It is marked Israel on the bottom. I have no idea of the value. I can’t find anything similar but I think he is funky and someone may love him.


I went to several tag sales on Saturday. I purchased this vintage Kermit the Frog puppet there. He goes with the Kermit the Frog pad that I purchased a few weeks ago!


I don’t know too much about Barbie dolls. I have sold a few vintage dolls and some Pink or Black label newer dolls. I know that if they have thick plastic eyelashes that means they are probably old. There are also many repros being made now with those features. I saw a Barbie with those kind of lashes. She had long blonde hair but seemed to be missing a bunch of hair in the back. She had a funky neck thing going on but other than those issues she didn’t seem to be in too bad shape. She was also a funny color.  The lady wanted $30 for her. I really hesitated but then decided to go for it and I asked her to throw in another doll that was laying nearby. I thought the other doll was a Tammy doll but it turned out to be a Tressy doll.

The Barbie, I believe, is a vintage pony tail number 3 Barbie. I have really learned a lot while researching her. I’m pretty excited and hoping to get a good price for her.

Happy September everyone!!


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