Vera Bradley, LPS and American Girl

This week I had some luck at my local thrift store. First I found two bags of Little Tikes dollhouse furniture. Recently I sold a red van and some Little Tikes people for $29 so I was excited to find some more. I broke it up into 3 lots.  It cost $8.

I never heard of these vintage 1980’s toys by Tonka. They are called Keypers and they are supposed to have a tiny pet inside them. You can open their body up with the key they have around their neck. Mine doesn’t have the pet but it does have the key. She was $3 and I am putting her up for $24. I think she’s super cute. I thought she was a turtle at first but she is a ladybug. She has long legs for a ladybug.


The most surprising find from the thrift store was from the doll section. There were a few baby dolls in a pile for $3 each. This one stood out to me because she looked like she was good quality. When I looked at her marking I was surprised to see that it said American Girl. I was not familiar with this long haired Bitty Baby doll. I was saving a Bitty Bear that I found for $1 at a tag sale recently. The bears don’t sell on their own.



I went to one church sale on Saturday. It was fun because there were a lot of items to look through. The best items I found there were 2 bags of Littlest Pet Shop for $1 each. The last group of LPS items I had up sold for $59. (Unfortunately I lost $10 in shipping because they went to Utah). There were lots of cats and dogs which seem to do the best.

Most of the items at this sale were $1 and most of what I purchased will sell only for about $10. I like to sell items for a minimum of $20 but this is what was there this week.

I found 2 Vera Bradley wallets and a makeup case. People love Vera Bradley stuff! I see it all over.

One of my favorite finds is this sweet little Christmas decoration by Josef Originals. The deer and the tree are fuzzy. I love the face of the deer. It is a little discolored but I am trying to get $20 for this because of the charm factor. It’s only about 3″ tall.


I picked up a box of Eaton stationery because I saw a Youtuber who had success with vintage stationery. I like paper items.


Another paper item I found was this Art-tissue Halloween spider by Beistle. I had some luck last year when I found about 7 paper and tissue paper Beistle Christmas Carol figures new in the package at the thrift store. I have sold about 4 of them so far for $10 each.


I picked up this hot pink makeup case by Caboodles for $1. I bought it because it reminded my of a similar one by Victoria’s secret that I recently sold.

The last thing I will share is this Atari Plug and Play TV game console. Normally items like this usually sell between $10 and $15 but I will try for a little more because it’s new.


Those are the results of my adventures this week! Hope you all had some great finds!


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