Vacation Finds – Fisher Price and Vintage

I was on vacation for 2 weeks but you know I can’t stop thrifting and going to yard sales! When we were out on Long Island we went to an estate sale in a very old home. There were crooked floors, tiny rooms and a very narrow staircase. I made two purchases here. One was this hotel pin tray or ashtray. I got it because the style looked mid century modern to me. It is from a hotel in Yugoslavia.


I also picked up this red toolbox. I like the labeling on the lid.


At another sale I paid $10 for everything I bought which included a large lot of vintage Fisher Price items. I have broken them up into a few lots. The largest is this dollhouse with figures, cars and furniture.


These other lots also came from the same sale.

I also picked up a Teddy Ruxpin at this sale which I haven’t gotten to work yet.

At another sale I bought this Fisher Price Nativity set which I hope will sell around Christmas time.


I picked up this Tokidoki bag which is a good find except that it smells like perfume and that may prevent it from selling. It has such a cool print.


Of course after being out of town for two weeks I had to check the thrift store. I picked up a bag of Polly Pocket items and this interesting Dala horse which was originally from Ikea. It has some damage on it.


The bag with the Polly Pockets in it contained some Disney items and some rooms that go to a Polly mansion that you can build onto.


That’s all for this week! Hope you are enjoying these warm days!

2 responses to “Vacation Finds – Fisher Price and Vintage


    Ut..oh…’re starting to take after me with that tool box! I’ve been a bad influence….BTY I’ve had a lot of luck washing purses in woolite or even the washing machine, and leaving them in the sun to dry. Even if you just left that purse in the sun, it would help. Nice scores! Thanks for sharing!

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