Vintage Dolls, Dala Horses and More!

There was one good sale for me this weekend and a few yard sale fails. I really should stick with the bigger sales because I have such poor luck at the smaller sales. I spent $37 at the big church sale which included a $10 early bird fee. Here’s what I got.

There was a group of 7 carved wooden animals in a ziploc bag. I’ve never found/sold these before but it seems they might sell all together for about $20. They are about 2″ tall.


The reason I bought them was because they were in a bag with 2 Dala horses that I wanted. These swedish horses are collectible especially if you have an unusual color or size. Red is a pretty common color. The bag was unmarked and the lady charged $9 for the whole bag which seemed like a high price. I had the miniature Dala horse so I am putting all three horses together to sell.


I found this cute vintage Fisher Price picnic basket with some accessories inside. Fisher Price is becoming very common on Ebay. I’ll be lucky to get $10 – $15 for this set, but I think it’s really charming.


I found 2 vintage dolls. The first is a Madame Alexander Alice in Wonderland doll. She is missing some of her accessories like her white apron and headband. I believe she is from 1965 but it’s hard to read the date. I remember looking at holiday catalogs when I was young and wishing for these Madame Alexander dolls.


The other doll is a Diahann Carrol Julia doll. She is a character from a show that was from the 1960’s.

The best find from this sale is this miniature modern art chair that comes in a wooden crate from the Vitra Museum. I saw some writing on it and my first thought was “Oh no, some kid wrote their name on it.” Then I realized that it was autographed by the designer so it may help the value. I’m glad I figured that out before I tried to remove it!

Those were my finds for the weekend! Happy August!!

Here are some sales updates:

Yellow Kobenstyle pot: $34.99

He-man She ra lot with figures and horse: $44.99

Little Tikes red van and figures: $29.99

Bing & Grondahl tuxedo cat figure: $36.99

Glass and brass display cabinet: $39.99

Happy Halloween quilt pattern: $26.99

Lego Christmas village set: $39.99

Vintage Madame Alexander Little Women Amy doll: $47.50

Godzilla Beanie Baby: $24.99

4 responses to “Vintage Dolls, Dala Horses and More!

  1. Fonda Rush

    I remember Julia. She was the secretary for Mannix, a private eye on a TV show of that name. She was a single mom to a young boy. I think she was cast way ahead of the times. Is it possible that there was a spin-off show called Julia? hmmm…going to have to look that up!

  2. Yes. She had her own show and she did have a son. : )

  3. That Fisher Price picnic basket set is adorable! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Bliss Tuesdays! Jo

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