Vintage Barbie, Fisher Price and $10 Early Bird Fees

I attended 3 rummage sales this weekend. Two of them had a $10 early bird fee which feels expensive but I’m OK with it when the prices in the sale are reasonable which was the case at the first sale I went to. The second Early Bird sale had very high prices and in that case the $10 seemed like a lot. Just ranting.

At the first sale there was a “boutique” section which I usually avoid. Most of the items in there were marked between $5 and $10 dollars. Everything else at the sale was unmarked as far as price and the lady at the checkout would give you a reasonable price for all of it.

I didn’t buy anything in the boutique. As usual I found most of my items in the toy area. The first item I picked up was this 18″ Patty O’Green Rainbow Brite doll. They don’t sell for huge amounts but I think I can get $24 for her if I hold out until holiday time. She’s nice and clean and very cute.


I picked up this next item because it was funky looking and new in the box. It is a member of a “Wind-up Band.” His name is Benny and he was designed by a Japanese artist. I think there is a market for him. I saw a similar one sell for $30.


My best find was a box of vintage Barbie Susy Goose furniture. There was a canopy bed, a vanity (missing the mirror) and an armoire. I’m hoping to get $30 for the armoire. The fun part was that when I got home and opened the armoire it was full of Barbie stuff!! Most of these items I believe are from the early 60’s and though none of it will make a fortune on it’s own, if all or most of it sells it should work out pretty well. Here are some photos of the furniture and some of the items that were inside. I didn’t photograph the bed yet.



The last item I picked up there was a Fisher Price farm from 1967. It is in good condition with lots of pieces!


So that was a really fun, exciting sale and worth the $10 entry fee because she only charged me $16 for all my stuff!

The other two sales I attended were not as good and were more expensive but here are some of the items I picked up at those sales.

This pretty paperweight was $5 but it was signed Seegers and Fein and I’ve had some luck with paperweights lately. Some key words I saw when researching this were solar system and it does look like a solar system with planets floating around.


I thought these Strawberry Shortcake melamine plates were sweet.


This Blenko pitcher has some imperfections but I was excited to spot it. It is the second Blenko pitcher I’ve been able to purchase.


Finally, here is Woodstock on a Ice Cream scooter. He is from the 1970’s. I was always a big Snoopy and Woodstock fan so I couldn’t leave this behind.


Hope everyone is having a fun summer of treasure hunting!!

2 responses to “Vintage Barbie, Fisher Price and $10 Early Bird Fees

  1. I ❤️ your Strawberry Shortcake finds!!!

  2. I love to find the old Strawberry Shortcake dolls!!

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