Mid Century Modern, Star Wars and Vintage Toys

I went to 2 rummage sales this week and a few yard sales. At one church sale they had different colored stickers to indicate prices and I’ve noticed people getting out of control with these lately. I’m good with like 4 colors for  $1, $2, $5, and $10. Although for me, $10 at a rummage sale is pushing it. But the church sale that I went to on Saturday had 10 different colored stickers ranging from 50 cents to $10. Pink was $7, purple was $8. I couldn’t keep track. I just pulled what I wanted and decided to figure it out at check out. I’m glad I didn’t let high prices discourage me because the lady there looked in my bag and said “How does $20 for all of it sound?” and that sounded fine to me. Out the window with the colored sticker prices!

Here’s what I picked up there:

I bought this Polo Red cologne because it was new in the box. I don’t sell much perfume but this seemed like a good deal. I’m going to try to get $24 for it.


I didn’t pick up many toys at this sale. One I did pick up was a Ms. Frizzle doll from The Magic School Bus show which my kids used to watch when they were little. I always liked how her outfit matched whatever theme she was teaching. In this case she is wearing a solar system dress with matching earrings. I like the way they made her hair stick up sort of crazy.

The other toys I picked up was a group of Little Tikes items. I was saving a Little Tikes red van and hoping to find some other items to put with it.


I also picked up several needlework kits because they were 2 for a dollar. Many of them have little value but once in a while you can find a good one. I picked up 10 and out of that there are 3 I can sell. The rest I will donate.

The sale I went to on Thursday was at a synagogue where I spent about $45. This included a $5 early bird fee. I recognized this Star Wars play set piece because my son had one of these. It had a $.50 sticker on it so it was a no brainer. By itself it really wouldn’t be worth much but as I was walking around I spotted the box on the floor and that gives it value.


Also in the toy area I picked up this vintage plush Tigger. He is marked Walt Disney Prod. Japan. I wasn’t sure he was Tigger until I saw the Disney tag.


There was a box of cars and some looked vintage. I picked out about 8 that are Matchbox Lesney cars from the 1970’s. They don’t have a lot of value on their own and some are missing parts so I am grouping them all together.


My favorite find from this sale is a ceramic poodle by Lisa Larson who was a mid century sculptor. She does a lot of figures and animals and depending on the piece, they can sell well. It has a pretty funky finish.


This last item is also a mid century modern piece. I saw it at a tag sale about 20 minutes from my house and didn’t buy it at first. After I got home and figured out how to look it up, I realized I made a mistake and went back to see if it was still there. Usually when I get into this kind of situation – returning to a rummage sale/tag sale/thrift store to buy a piece that I should have bought when I first saw it but didn’t – the item is not there. This time, to my great surprise, it was still there. It is (apparently) a piece of 3D Brutalist Nail wall art and might bring upwards of $100. It will be a bear to ship but I’ll happily do it if it sells.


Those were the highlights of my hunting for the week! Hope you are all finding exciting pieces out there!


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