Beatrix Potter,Wood Toys and Smalls

There wasn’t too much for me in the way of sales this weekend. The church sale that I attended last weekend put an add in the paper saying they still had too much stuff and that they were having another sale. I usually wouldn’t go to a second weekend on a sale but there was nothing else around. I spent $10 and picked up a few interesting items.

I found this Beswick Owl from Winnie the Pooh. There were four other Winnie the Pooh characters there but Owl was the only one who wasn’t broken! Sad!


I picked up a Rinconada Artesania figure of a dove. Some of these sell better than others. I’ll be happy to get $10 for this bird, and for Owl above too.


This next item I actually regretted not buying last week and was surprised to see that it was still there. It is a Beatrix Potter pair of bookends. I kept checking them over for major cracks but I didn’t see any. There are a few small chips but I think that’s OK. I hoping to get $40 for it.


I picked up a few other small items to take a chance on. They are a pink tin from Dutch chocolate sprinkles, a melamine plate with a cute illustration of children, a Star Wars droid and a octagonal shaped picture of a cat.

It’s a fun challenge to find some stuff from a place that has been picked over.

I went to a som tag sales and only found a few things. One was this pretty glass curio cabinet for $2.


I also found a group of these toys called Anamalz for $1. They are made of organic wood. I don’t know why it has to be organic if your not going to eat it but OK. They are cute and they bend and pose.


So that’s about all I found on this super hot weekend on the east coast!

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