Barbie Clothes, Vintage Dolls and Xmas

This weekend is the Fourth of July weekend. Happy Fourth everyone! There were no good sales here for me so I’m going to continue to write about the items I picked up at the big church sale last weekend.

There were 4 ziplocs filled with Barbie clothes. Each was marked $2. I saw a lot of the metal snaps so to me that indicates older clothes, so I bought them. When I sorted it all out I came up with about 25 pieces that were in good condition. I believe most are from the 1970’s. There is one from the 1960’s ( the blue and yellow plaid dress ). Another outfit called Brocade Shine was red and gold and came with a dress and cape. It seemed like a sought after set. I used a protective cloth and ironed them because most of them had been wadded up into little balls. The group sold for $49 a day after listing.

I was charmed by this group of dolls with their little cookie and ice cream houses. I thought they were Liddle Kiddles but they are called Sweet Treats. They were made by Mattel in the late 1970’s. This group sold for $39 in a few days.

Most of my items sit for a while so it has been fun to list some items that moved quickly.

Another doll related lot I found there was a group of Polly Pocket items from the 90’s. Two are fairy houses and one is called Tropical Pets.

I did find one tag sale on Friday where I picked up a large lot of miniature glass Christmas balls for $2. There were also two boxes, one marked Shiny Brite. I counted over 80 ornaments in all. They range in size from 1″ in diameter to 3/8″ in diameter. From researching it seems these are often used to decorated vintage feather trees. I am nervous to ship them. I think they may sell in the fall.

The last thing I’ll share for this week is a model ship kit that I bought at the thrift store for $5. It appears complete although the box is opened. Fingers crossed.


That’s all for now. I hope everyone is enjoying lovely summer weather and some great sales!!


One response to “Barbie Clothes, Vintage Dolls and Xmas

  1. Wendy Boccuzzi

    Great job on the Barbie clothes! Way to go!

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