Vintage 1980’s Toys and Porcelain

There were a few sales this weekend and one very good, big church sale. I picked up this little guy whose name is Butch. He is made by Goebel from West Germany and the piece is signed by Albert Staehle. I picked him up because he was marked this way. His price tag was $1. In perfect condition he might bring over $100. Unfortunately he does have some chips in the paint and a chip on the base so I really don’t know what his value is. I have him up for auction so we’ll see what happens. He has a real sweet face. Apparently there was a series of Butch created in different poses.


I saw a large box of toys on the floor and saw that some of them were He-man figures. I sat down and started sorting through. There were a lot of wrestler figures that I didn’t want so I tried to sort all those out. I had a hole bunch. He-man figures are very varied and imaginative. Some of them have multiple heads, animal parts, robotic parts and I don’t know them all so I filled a bag with anything that I thought could be from the He-man series. These figures were from the 1980’s. I didn’t know what I had until I sorted all of them through and did a lot of research. Plus they all needed a bath. What I ended up with were three separate groups to sell. They asked $7 for the whole bag.

The first group are He-man figures and 2 He-man creatures. Individually none of these are worth a lot but I am hoping to get about $40 for the group. Aren’t they a motley crew?

The second set is a group of girl He-man figures and one of their horses. These women look very empowered to me.


The third group that I came up with weren’t He-man figures at all but from a show or comic book called Thundercats. Two of the characters in this group appear to be rare so even though they are in rough condition with quite a bit of peeling paint I am hoping to get about $50 for the group. These characters are also from the 80’s. How about that guy in the red hat. Adorable! Not!


I also picked up a small set of Fisher Price little people and a bus.


When I was visiting my sister a lady in her town was cleaning out her house. I picked up some vintage Christmas items including a Putz house and 2 ceramic Christmas trees which unfortunately are missing a lot of lights.

My favorite find from this lady was this group of vending machine charms that I found in a small box. I used to collect these growing up and still have part of my original collection. Some of these such as the pocket knife and the nutcracker appear to be made of metal. Maybe that means they’re older. I love anything miniature!


Later in the week I found some more small items at the thrift store including this Halcyon Days enameled trinket box. This would be the third of this type of box that I have found. This one is marked Designed by Tiffany & Co. I am hoping to get $50 for it. It was in a $2.99 bag at the thrift store. The phrase means “True Love Does Not Change.” This would be a great box for an engagement ring! These boxes are quite small. This one is only about 2″ wide.


I also found this miniature spaghetti dinner by Reutter Porcelain of Germany. I have some of their miniatures in my own room boxes. I love the way it is set up as a sweet vignette in it’s own plastic display box. It was marked $.99. A keeper? Everything is teeny tiny! How cute is this? I’m bursting!


The last thing I found which also happens to be very small is this miniature globe marked Japan. It is only 4″ tall. Not small enough to be a dollhouse miniature.


That’s all for this week. Fourth of July is coming up! I hope everyone has a good one!



2 responses to “Vintage 1980’s Toys and Porcelain

  1. Hi, love your finds! The 4″ inch globe would work for 16″ designer collectible dolls such as Wilde Imagination Ellowyn and Evangeline dolls. Folks love to make dioramas for this sized doll. Thanks for sharing!

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