Blythe doll, Monopoly and 300 Families

The big 300 family yard sale that I go to twice a year was on Saturday but I only had an hour to shop it because at 10:00 am my son was graduating from High School. I was really excited for his graduation and not at all sad that I couldn’t spend more time at the 300 family yard sale because only a crazy person, or a bad mother would feel like that. Right? And I’m not either one of those. I don’t think. I could have skipped it but it’s not too far from me so all I had to do was get up at 5:o0 am. I think I have mentioned before that at this sale it is supposed to be families selling tag sale stuff (hopefully at tag sale prices) but more than half the vendors are resellers. You can tell when the have a giant truck, lots of antiques and high prices. I try to shop at the ones that look more like tag sales. Here’s what I bought:

There was a bag of 14 Littlest Pet Shop pets. None of these have any great value but surprisingly the refrigerator is worth about $10 on it’s own. I paid $1 for the bag of them and have it up for $19.


I don’t buy many Monopoly games but this nice classic version comes in a wooden box and the contents inside are sealed. It appears to sell for about $25 and I bought it for $5.


This is a Monstrous Nightmare figure from How to Train Your Dragon. I picked it up for $1 and am hoping to get between $15 and $20.


The find of the day, and probably the year, was this Blythe doll. These dolls are from 1972 and I believe were made in the style of the Keane big eyed paintings. They are quite distinctive/weird looking. I saw it peeking out in a bin of dolls and stuffed toys. The woman only wanted $1 for it. Depending on condition, these can go for hundreds of dollars. But as we all know, it is a long way from finding an item, to receiving payment and positive feedback so I am holding my breath.

Another item that I picked up from last week is this pretty oyster plate. For some reason, people collect oyster plates and I’m so glad they do! This one was $3 and I’m hoping to get $50 for it. Unfortunately it has no marks or makers name on it.


I also got this Count Von Count Wilton cake pan. I have sold several Count Von Count stuffed animals so I’m hoping this will also sell. It has the color insert and the instructions.


Summer is here so it’s time to go full force on Ebay!!

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