Vintage Toys and a Mystery Box

It’s very fun to find a big box or bag filled with random stuff that you get to sort through for goodies. I found a box like this at the second sale I went to on Saturday which was a church sale. This was a large plastic box and written on it was Only Playmobil $4. When I opened it up I didn’t see any Playmobil but what I did see, I thought, was a bunch of Calico Critters. There was also a lot of other stuff in the box so for $4 it seemed like a deal. After sorting through it I found out that the animal figures weren’t Calico Critters but Maple Town figures. Apparently there are 4 different groups of small animal figures that came out in the mid 80’s including Maple Town, Sylvanian Families which I think later became Calico Critters, and Forest Folk. I sorted out a room, furniture and several Maple Town figures from 1986.

There were other vintage toys in the box too including some older Littlest Pet Shop. These are the ones that came out in the early 90’s before they all had giant heads and eyes. Some of these can be valuable.


There were also 4 small Winnie the Pooh figures from the Friendly Places sets.


I think it was pretty good for the price and the fun of sorting it all out.

Another item I bought at this church sale really appealed to the miniature lover in me. It looks like a present but when you open it up there is a wonderful world of rabbits getting ready for Easter inside. It appears to be handmade and is full of charming details like a pastry box which holds a decorated chocolate egg. It was $3.

Earlier in the morning I went to a sale for an animal shelter where I found some other vintage toys including a sealed Fisher Price Adventure People Kayak set. There was also a jeep and another Adventure figure there.


I picked up this cool looking set of vintage plastic airplanes still on the original card.


There was this vintage Space Shuttle puzzle still sealed in the box.


One of the things I like about church and charity sales is that the people working there have no attachment to the items like they sometimes do at yard sales. When people have a memory about or attachment to an item it suddenly becomes extremely expensive. But leave it to me to find an item that the woman checking me out had donated herself. It was this pair of Hummel porcelain dolls. Most of the dolls were marked at 1 or 2 dollars. These were unmarked. When I brought them up she said – oh – my mother bought these for me from Germany. Oh goody. She asked $10 for the pair. They are fairly common and not really very valuable but I bought them because I got a good deal on everything else.


Those were some of the highlights of the weekend. Can’t wait for Summer to arrive!!



3 responses to “Vintage Toys and a Mystery Box

  1. Nadine

    I recently found your blog and I am enjoying it. I lived in NH and Maine for a few years. Thanks for sharing your finds.

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