Cats, Fabric, Porcelain and Dolls

I went to three sales this weekend and the thrift store. Here’s what I found to resell.

At the thrift store I picked up this reproduction #1 Barbie doll with her black and white striped bathing suit. Unfortunately she has no shoes with her. Out of the box these only go for about $14. Another doll I found there was this blonde Corolle doll with a cute pink dress and sneakers. These dolls have pretty faces and are fairly popular.

I was excited to see this stuffed cat at the thrift store when I saw his ear button. He is a newer style Steiff. Very cute!


At the sales I went to I picked up this lovely Herend of Hungary blue and white trinket box featuring a cute bunny on top. It was $3 and was purchased yesterday for $39 but the customer hasn’t paid yet.


I really love the stance of this porcelain cat by Bing and Grondahl. Last year I sold 2 birds by this company. This figure reminds me of my own tuxedo cat, Bingo. He was $1 and I am hoping to get $30 for him. So sweet!


This mosaic dish featuring ducks is by Heide Mosaics from Denmark and is mid century. I never heard of them before but I picked this up because it is unusual and people like ducks. It is very heavy!


I was hoping these were Jadite but they are reproductions from China. Still pretty though!


I bought some fabric items as well. This large piece of fabric was from the Folk Art Museum and is called “Bird of Paradise.” I like to pick up fabric when it has identifying marks on it like this one did.

Finally, I picked up this vintage sheet set of Disneyland featuring Mickey, Minnie and Donald having fun at the magic kingdom. There are two sets. One is very faded and I guess was used more. The other set is bright and looks much better. I’m selling them together. We’ll see what happens!

That’s it for this weekend. Here are some sales updates!

Both American Girl child sized dresses sold to one customer for $150.

Shoes have been selling well. The Wonder Woman converse went for $65.

The London Fly yellow shoes sold for $59.

The Gucci shoes sold for $29.

Funky purple suede Birkenstocks sold for $39.

Red plaid tin basket sold for $24.

South Carolina sweet grass basket sold for $51.

French Soap in the box sold for $24.

Jellycat fox sold for $19.

Hope all is going well for everyone out there!!

3 responses to “Cats, Fabric, Porcelain and Dolls

  1. Avery Smellsoff

    My Dear Ms. Portnoy,

    I am sorry to be the bearer of unsavory information, but the item you have described as a “trinket box” is in fact something else entirely, as is often the case. In my younger days, before acquiring all my wealth and fame from coining the phrase “What the huh?,” I was employed at one of the many pet funeral homes that flourished between September 8th and November 14, 1977. Those were heady times as you will no doubt remember if you know what’s good for you. My job was to operate the “furry”-naces, where we took giddy pleasure in reducing many a dead dear one (some of which were actual deer) to ashes. The powdery residue was then returned to their families in ceramic containers, each topped with a representation of the pet on the lid. In short, what you have is not a trinket box, but a Thumper dump.

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