Silver Pins, Mid Century and Other Stories

I only went to two sales on Saturday because it’s Memorial Day weekend and there weren’t many around. The weather felt like summer this weekend here in the northeast!

Anyway – the first sale was at a Jewish Center. Some things were pretty pricey and they had a strange pricing system. The preprinted yellow circles with $2 on it meant $2. But there were other yellow circles in the exact same shade of yellow but they had nothing written on them. This meant $15. I brought up a small Dooney and Bourke bag with a plain yellow sticker on it that had no strap with it. I was willing to pay $2 for it but Noooooo – this was the $15 yellow sticker. Never mind. Then there were 2 blue stickers. One was slightly darker. The lighter blue was $3 and the darker blue was $10. This also caused trouble. I didn’t pay $10 or $15 for anything. Here is what I bought:

A signed glass moose from Sweden for $3.


A mid century modern Scandinavian design serving dish by Figgjo Flameware in a popular pattern called A La Carte. It has a flaw on one handle. I really like the colorful graphics.


This little pin tray is from the Hotel Ritz in Paris. It was $1 and sold today for $22.99.


I also like this vintage clutch bag with turquoise embellishment on the closure. It was $3.

One of my favorite finds from this sale was this tin picnic basket/biscuit box in red and plaid with wooden handles. It still has the original biscuit sticker on it. I had to pay $5 for it but I felt it was worth it and it sure looks nice on my mantle on top of a similar tin I have in blue.


There was a small section for jewelry that just had some costume pieces in it. Somebody already got all the good stuff or they pulled it out before the sale. As I was looking around I saw a small wooden box marked 25 cents. When I looked inside I saw some cufflinks and some pins. I pulled out the pins. I saw that one was marked Sterling and one was marked 925. The lady said I could have them both for $5. That was fine with me. One was silver and turquoise and was also marked Jerusalem on the back. The second was a really cute fish that had some kind of mark on the back which I couldn’t make out. When I got home I listed the turquoise one for $19 and the fish pin for $24. The fish pin got snapped up in 5 minutes. So that got my curiosity going. When I clicked on the buyers ID I quickly saw that she was a seller of silver jewelry. Expensive silver jewelry. Long story short the pin was by a sought after designer named William Spratling and is probably worth about $100. But good for her because I wasn’t on my game. (But don’t think I wasn’t good and mad for awhile.)

I only bought a few items at the second sale which included this Mary Engelbreit tea pot bank. I like her charming illustrations and admire her for making such a great career with her art.


Those are the tag sale highlight for this week! Happy Memorial Day to all!!

2 responses to “Silver Pins, Mid Century and Other Stories

  1. Wendy Boccuzzi

    Nice finds! I’m amazed that you got so much for the little dish. There were only a few sales near me this week as well. I bought some myself some clothes and bike. Love your blog! 🙂

  2. Hopefully there will be more sales next weekend! I got myself a cute blue shirt at a sale a few weeks ago. Can’t beat a $1 shirt!

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