Shoes, Bags, Books and Tiny China

This weekend I went to two school fundraising sales and they were both good! They both had a huge variety of items – not just toys. At the first sale I bought 2 pairs of shoes. One pair is a pair of suede Gucci pumps. They are a little worn but I had to pick them up because – Gucci!


I picked up a pair of Minnetonka sandals. This is a brand that seems to sell well. These are thong style with tassels. Kind of Hippie/Funky.


I bought a third pair of shoes at the second sale. They are the coolest ones because they are Wonder Woman Converse! I wish they were in my size.


I picked up this vintage reproduction Pan Am travel bag. At first I didn’t think it would be good because it is a reproduction but it is very good quality and they do fairly well.


I also got this pink and white Victoria’s Secret make up case in shiny vinyl. It has some condition issues like a big pink stain on the inside but I’m still hoping it will sell because this style is hard to find. It makes me think of candy.


The only toy I bought at this sale was this Jazzy and her ponies Pony Surprise toy and good for you Jazzy because you had 5 ponies which is the most you can have! The funny thing is that last year at this same sale I bought a Bear with baby cubs from Hasbro which is the vintage version of this toy.


The next sale had an early bird that I was unaware of! It started at 8:00 but I didn’t get there until 8:50. But it was OK because I don’t think too many people knew about the early bird either.

I bought this set of 4 melamine plates by Thomas John. This is one of those items that I thought looked cool and when I looked it up I saw that a set of 4 can sell for between $20 and $40.


I also picked up a crystal dog, a vintage stone grape cluster and a vintage book of Nicholas Nickleby by Charles Dickens. The Dickens book appears to be very old and although it doesn’t have a date when I researched it looked like one that was from 1901. It is in pretty good condition for it’s age and has a nice old classic look to it.

My favorite finds of the day were these miniature bone china cups and saucers from England. The pair of two is by Foley and the Flower of the month cup is by Royal Albert. They are only about 1″ tall. There is also a tiny bowl by Caverswall. I think these are lovely and I love miniatures! They were $3 each.

Sales have been good lately but I let it get into my head that I haven’t had a return or complaint in a long time and you know what happened next. Three returns in a row!! AAAAH! Oh well. Gotta just keep shopping and listing when that happens!

2 responses to “Shoes, Bags, Books and Tiny China

  1. Wendy Boccuzzi

    We had a school sale near me and the clothes were 25cents and the shoes were 1dollar. I ended up with a north face jacket and fur boots from Italy. The will sell nicely next winter. Hmm….those sandals look like my size.

  2. They’re size 7. You”re welcome to them! Let me know and I will end the listing! Can’t beat $1 shoes!!

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