Cats, Dogs and a Variety of Items

I went to three sales this weekend. There was one I planned to go to but because it was second on my list I didn’t arrive until 45 minutes after it started and couldn’t find a place to park anywhere. There were no residential streets nearby to park on either so I gave up on that one.

I picked up two cat items this week. One is a Kliban cat mug that I think is very funny. It pictures a cat with a guitar singing this song – “Love to eat them mousies, Mousies what I love to eat, Bite they little heads off… Nibble on they tiny feet.” I hope no mice people are offended.


I picked up this little ceramic cat figurine. I like the position he is laying in because I have a cat that lays like that.


I also found a vintage ceramic dog planter with a cute face and a bow tie. They don’t bring a lot of money but he is just so kitschy I had to get him.


I found a cross stitch kit to make 8 napkins. I don’t pick these up much anymore but this one seems to sell for about $20.


I sold my first bottle of perfume a few days ago for $34 which was a men’s cologne that I had picked up at an estate sale in the fall. There were several old perfume bottles at the sale which weren’t worth picking up but this Chamade Guerlain soap sold for $24 in two days after it was listed.


Another interesting pick up was the handmade sweetgrass basket from South Carolina. These can go for a lot of money and this one has a very interesting shape and is signed but there is some damage around the rim.


I also picked up this army hat from a table of miscellaneous items. It’s not very valuable and has a couple of small holes in it but I was still happy to find it.


Probably my favorite find of the weekend is this Kobenstyle Dansk pot. I love the look of these items and I have some in my own collection and am considering keeping this one. It was made in France. It’s not perfect but it only cost $5.


I had two good finds from the thrift store. One was a Jurassic Park dinosaur from 1996. These are pretty collectible, especially the large ones. He sold for $54 within a few hours of listing him.


The other item appears to be an original painting of JFK. It is signed NR 63. I think it’s really well done. I have bought some art before and not had too much luck but I decided to take a chance on this one.


A very mixed bag of items this week. The weather here has been cool in the northeast. Hoping for warmer weather soon!

2 responses to “Cats, Dogs and a Variety of Items

  1. Wendy Boccuzzi

    Those are great items. I never know about the sweetgrass basket. I feel like I’ve run into some of those and passed them up. Tomorrow should be a good day. I sold a few antiques lately.

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