Vintage Christmas, Dolls and Tins

This week I bought a lot of little things. I was in a toy tent not finding much when I saw some decorated tins in a box marked 25 cents each. This first one is so cute because it has a tiny tea set inside. It reminds me a little of the wooden apple I found last year with a wooden tea set inside.


Another tin I found is illustrated to look like a picnic basket. It is by illustrator Dana Kubick. Her tins sell fairly well. I actually found this same tin in a free box about 2 years ago and I think it sold for $18. It’s really cute because inside she drew all the things you would need at a picnic.

I don’t usually sell playing cards although I see cute ones once in a while. This set was very pretty with pictures of paintings of old fashioned ladies. It was only 50cents. Another thing it had going for it was that the decks were sealed in plastic. I was going to list it for $9.99 but I went nuts and put it up for $12.99 and to my surprise it sold within an hour.


The second sale I went to was a big community sale that people line up early for but I didn’t get there until about 1 1/2 hours after it opened so I was surprised to find this mini Kirsten American Girl doll at the bottom of a box of dolls.


Nearby I found a small plush panda which is also from American Girl. He goes with the doll McKenna. He also sold quickly for $14.99.


Another toy I bought at this same sale was a Playmobil item that I have never seen before. It is called a Micro World and most of the pieces are very tiny – only about 3/8″ tall. This is the farm set. The pieces are magnetic.

I noticed someone on Ebay selling the tiny pieces for about $1 each so I’m hopeful to get at least $19 for this set.

I found a cute vintage Christmas music box featuring some toy soldiers around a Christmas tree. I couldn’t resist it.


The last thing I will mention is a vintage doll I bought for $8. She wasn’t marked but I thought she has such a pretty face and her condition was not too bad. After researching I think she may be a Sweet Sue doll. She is a walker and when you push her legs her head turns. She seems to have her original outfit and shoes.

It was a fun weekend of sales! I hope all the moms had a great Mother’s Day!!

One response to “Vintage Christmas, Dolls and Tins

  1. wp2015

    Great finds! Glad you did good in the drizzle and rain last week. By the time I got to that tent, there wasn’t much left. Got a few 25cent we will see. First I went to an art supply tag sale, and got a cute mini tool chest…which I hope to list by next week end. I’m finally done with the classes and will have more free time. Looking forward to the weekend…

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