Vintage Toy Cars and Other Fun Trinkets

I went to 3 tag sales this weekend and found a variety of items. The most interesting items I found were in 4 ziploc bags, under a pile of stuff, under a table filled with toys. The bags were filled with toy cars. The first car I saw was a Volkwagen bus which right away made me think of the 1960’s.


When I bent down to look at the cars in the bag they looked fairly old to me. When I turned them over I saw that some were marked Corgi and some were Matchbox. Some had names that I didn’t recognize at all. I took a chance and bought all 4 bags for a total of $25. I needed to do a lot of research because I know very little about toy cars. Many of them were damaged or had missing parts. For some that meant they had no value. Some still have some value with damage. There were 35 cars in all. I will just show some of the best ones.

This one is called Joe’s Car. It was made by Dinky Toys. I believe it is based on a TV show that may have been from England in the 1960’s. It’s very futuristic.


It has a battery compartment that is corroded and I was unable to test it. I think it was supposed to light up. Even with the damage it sold quickly for $39.

This interesting rocket vehicle is from the Thunderbirds which was a show in the 1960’s. It comes with a small yellow rocket inside the big green one.

These two Hot Wheels cars are called redlines because the wheels have red lines around them. They are from 1967 and 1968. The purple one is missing a wheel so I am lotting it up with the green one.


I never heard of Tekno before. They are a toy car manufacturer from Denmark. This blue Mercedes Benz is a Tekno car.


It’s been a lot of fun learning about these different cars. This must have been someones collection when they were a child.

Some other items I picked up this weekend were this moon globe. I never saw one of these before. It marks all the different craters and landing sites.


This small enamel box says “Keep This For My Sake” on it. I believe it’s based upon an old fashioned kind of love token. At first I thought it could have had someones ashes in it or something. It is made by Halcyon Days. Several months ago I sold a larger trinket box from them for about $30. This one is smaller and has a flaw on the bottom but it was only $.50.


I purchased two Vera Bradley items for $1 each. One is a heart shaped jewelry box. The other is an eyeglass case with a retired pattern called Animal Kingdom.

I really like this little guy. He looks like a hippy dog to me with his little necklace. I think he is mid century.


Under the category of a home run that turned into a ground ball is this eggplant covered bowl. It is by a company called Mottahedeh. It was worth over $100 before I saw that the tip of the small eggplant on the lid had been broken off and badly reattached. I will still try to sell it.

Those are some of the ups and downs of my weekend. I have lots of listing to do which I’m happy about! Hope you are all finding interesting things out there!

2 responses to “Vintage Toy Cars and Other Fun Trinkets

  1. Joe 90 is the UK tv show . I remember him well…Vintage Matchbox and Corgi can fetch silly money often from the stuff you would think worthless , the little yellow vehicle inside the thunderbirds is probably worth more than the whole thing because everybody lost them.

  2. Oh wow! I had no idea. Thanks for the info!!

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