Vintage Pottery, American Girl and Toys!

I went to four sales this weekend. That seems to be my number lately and as usual, two were good and two were so so. I wish I could foresee the better ones and only go to those but that’s the trick, isn’t it?

I went to an estate sale were everything was super expensive but I saw two American Girl dresses for girls – not for dolls. They are copies of dresses made for Kirsten. I asked one lady how much they were and she said $5 each but when I brought it up to pay I got the old “Oh – no no no no no. Those are American Girl. I can do $30 for both.” I got them for $25. I think she felt bad. Good. She should feel bad. If someone who works at the sale quotes a price, you should honor that price. I’m ranting. Anyway. I’m hoping to sell them for $50 each because they don’t make them anymore and they’re hard to find.

The best sale I went to was at a local church where everything was about $1. They hold this one twice a year and I usually walk out empty handed but not this time. I got these Fiestaware deep purple candlesticks – $1 for the pair. They sold shortly after being listed for $18.99!


There were 7 pieces of Quimper pottery. This pottery is hand painted and made in France. It is has a lovely folk art style. The tag said $1 for all.

I really like this little painted shelf. It looks shabby chic and would look nice displaying a few items.


The last item from this sale was a pair of patent leather Salvatore Ferragamo shoes. These are not the most popular style but I am hoping to get $30 for them.


On Saturday I went to a sale that was under a huge tent but most of the tables were resellers and I never can find much stuff in that situation. There were a few tables with tag sale items. At one I picked up an American Girl doll for $15. The only problem is that one of her eyes sticks so I will try to fix it before I sell her.


At the other sales I also picked up a bunch of Littlest Pet Shop. I spent $7 altogether and have sold the first group for $19.

The weather has been great making it so much fun to walk around at these sales! Hope you are all enjoying it!!

2 responses to “Vintage Pottery, American Girl and Toys!

  1. Jen

    Great finds! The Kirsten dress (meet dress) is really special. Give me an update on how they sell! Question for you. We have a Mozilla Stuffed dinosaur. There are two listed on eBay for 150.00 and 200.00. What should I do? Auction? Set price? How long for an auction?

  2. Are there any completed listings? This would give you a good idea of the value. You could do a set price at $150 with a best offer option. In general it seems that auctions get less than fixed price sales. Hope this helps! My Ebay store is called Blueclothgoods if you ever want to check it out. You go to advanced search and on the left side it gives an option to Find Stores. You can also check completed listings if you want to.

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