Vintage Pyrex, Star Wars & Knick Knacks

This was a beautiful weekend for sales. The weather here in the northeast looks like it is finally giving in to spring! I went to four sales in all. Two were good and two were bad. I’ll just mention the good ones. The first was a church sale with a $5 early bird. There was a box of Star Wars figures marked $8. I recognized these figures because they matched the ones we got for my son for Christmas many years ago. We won his set on an Ebay auction. That was when Ebay was mostly auctions and I remember we ended up paying much more than we wanted to but it was Christmas and we knew my son would love it! (That is why sellers love fourth quarter!!) They were from 1977 and the ones in the $8 box were the same. There were about 25 figures altogether. Unfortunately there were no weapons or accessories with them which would make them more valuable.

I also picked up several knick knacks including a white porcelain dog marked Royal Dux Bohemia, a glass paperweight and a small red cloisonné Chinese jar which may be old. I think it’s very charming.

The next sale was a Girl Scout outdoor sale which I have done poorly at in the past. You never know though what you’ll find from one year to the next and this year was great. The best item I found there was this set of vintage aqua Pyrex fridge dishes with lids. Some Pyrex, depending on the color and pattern is very sought after. This set sold for $80 within a few hours of being listed. I purchased it for $4.


At the same table, for $2  I bought this pretty blue dish which is more common but I love this color.


The next day at a different sale I also found this Pyrex dish. If this pattern was in yellow it would be quite valuable. The blue on white Butterprint is very common.


Also at the Girl Scout sale I picked up a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle shell backpack for $1. You can carry your books and pretend to be a turtle at the same time!


The last thing I bought at this sale was the Lincoln Logs prairie farmhouse set. I think they tried to gear it towards girls by making it pink?


Here are some recent sales of items from past posts:

Super Why set of 4 plush dolls: $54

Robie the Robot bank: $18

Where the Wild Things Are plush toys: $19

Timberland red boots: $29 with free shipping

Little Einsteins Globe: $28

Littlest Pet Shop Dachshund: $14

Red Nike shoulder bag: $34

Bitty Baby doll: $24

Pete’s Dragon plush: $29

Blue Hippo William from MMA: $29

Barbie as Samantha from Bewitched: $15

Hope you are getting out there and having fun!!



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