American Girl and a Vintage Variety

This weekend the northeast feels like winter again so there are still not many tag sales but I went to two indoor church sales on Friday night. The first sale had a toy room which is my favorite thing. They had some ziploc bags marked American Girl and I got overly excited and forgot to be careful! I spent $21 altogether on bags marked American Girl. One bag was completely handmade clothes. Half the clothes in the other bags were in such bad condition I had to toss them. Sigh. I still think I will do OK but I wish I had checked the bags before I bought them. Out of that lot here is what I found: Some very pretty clothes for Felicity, a group of 4 items for the doll Julie, a snow suit and Kirstens St. Lucia dress.

On Saturday, when I went to the one tag sale that I found, I purchased 2 more American Girl items. They are a pink treat seat that hooks up to the table so your doll can eat with you and a double doll travel bag.  I paid $6 for both.

At the church sale, although I overpaid for the American Girl Doll clothes, I did pick up this  set of 4 dolls from the show Super Why for $1 each. I am hoping to get about $50 for the group. They seem to be almost as popular as the Little Einsteins characters.


After the toy room I went downstairs where they have the knick knacks and housewares. I found a very pretty paperweight. Since it was signed I thought I would take a chance on it for $4. I couldn’t read the signature or look it up at the time. It is blue and gray with bubbles. It is by an artist named Randy Strong and it looks like his work sells fairly well.


The second church had much friendlier prices. Many of the items were 25 or 50 cents. I don’t understand that but I love it! Many of the items seemed older. I picked up this Catskill Game Farm souvenir snowman. The Catskill Game Farm was one of my favorite places to go as a child and later on too. I was very sad when it closed about 12 years ago. Tempted to keep this.


This picture is by a company called Buckbee Brehm. It’s titled “The Whistler.” It shows a child whistling to their bird. It’s very small and sweet. I’m hoping to sell it for about $18.


This is a little guy called Robie the Robot Banker. You put a coin in his hand, pop it in his mouth then he chews, moves his tongue around and rolls his eyes. This guy is missing his battery cover but I hope he will still sell. He is from the 1980’s.


One last item that I got at the thrift store was this vintage jewelry box featuring cats and kittens. It has a ballerina and mirror on the inside.

Hope you are getting to sales and finding some fun stuff!!

2 responses to “American Girl and a Vintage Variety

  1. Dacron Varicella Pilobolus

    Oh, had you only spoken to me before your zip-lock bag fiasco, I could have helped you avoid the tragedy of purchasing “The Unchecked Bag.” Years ago while traveling through the Philippines on my way to East Dakota I passed a large “Estate Sale” sign. As a collector of estates, naturally I pulled off the road to see what was on offer only to find a sale not of estates, but of some things a recently dead person had forgotten to be buried with. I had a look anyway, as I had run out of gas and thought perhaps the forgetful corpse (coincidentally the title of my latest cookbook, available on line in Amazon’s “For God’s Sake Don’t Buy This” department) had left a few mason jars of high-test behind, or perhaps I’d see a fully fueled Duesenberg they’d be willing part with for the price of waiting around until dark when I could steal it. Neither was to be found. There was however, a collection (I say collection to be kind. It was actually a jumbled heap, some parts of which were moving) of bags. Hoping they contained priceless coins or jewels or maybe some not totally inedible chunks of dried fruit, I bought six of them. The initial price was simply that I leave and stop bothering everyone, but I haggled them down to $470. Returning to my car I opened the bags, finding nothing of value except an original copy of the Magna Carta, which was wrinkled so I gave it back, and a functioning dog’s kidney. This was a stroke of luck, as my malamute Henderson was in dire need of a new one. He always wanted three. I re-wrapped the kidney in an original copy of Ghengis Khan’s birth certificate, and my Christmas shopping was nearly done. You know, this seems more like an endorsement of buying unchecked bags than a warning against it. Well, there you go. I guess you should have read the end of this before the beginning. Of course, for all I know you did, but since you’re the kind of person who spends thousands of dollars on bags of random things without first looking in them, it’s a pretty safe bet you’ve wasted almost as much time reading this whole thing as I have writing it. So we can both claim victory.

    Yours in selenium,
    Dacron Pilobolus

    • Dacron – this information was massively unhelpful because in the end – your bags contained useful items. Perhaps you are unaware that homemade American Girl doll clothes have no resale value. So maybe you were confused by my story. Or maybe you thought that American Girl doll clothes in bad condition could still be of value for someone involved in an all American Girl Doll production of Annie. Orphan clothes perhaps. Anyway. I think your intentions were good, if useless. Much love.

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