Disney, Vintage Toys, Bags and Plush

This was a busy weekend with visits to four sales. Two were good, and two – not so much. One of the good ones was at a church where the prices were low and there was a large variety of items. I picked up a few vintage toys including this Digger the Detective Dog from Hasbro. I believe he is from the 70’s. He was $1 and has sold for $18. I love his yellow Sherlock Holmes hat.


Right next to him was a Farrah Fawcett doll. These seem to be fairly common. She was also $1 and has sold for $10. She was made by Mego. Many of their dolls can be collectible.


I also picked up this pecking bird paddle toy. The birds wings move up and down as you move the paddle. I like the way it’s painted and I think it’s very charming.


Most of the items at this sale were $1 but I paid $4 for this picture. I often don’t look at the pictures or artwork but this picture of Cinderella’s castle caught my eye. On closer look I saw that it included 4 collector pins!


I bought quite a few plush at this sale and the next sale that I went to which was at a school. Some of the plush pick ups include this pair of characters from Where the Wild Things Are, Simba and Nala from the Lion King, a Target Bullseye dog dressed in a dinosaur costume and a musical Little Einsteins guitar.

I bought three hats. There is a Yankees cap, a cap from an airplane society and a visor from Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

I also bought 3 bags. I found a small but cute Perry Ellis pouch, a Danny K. tapestry bag and a vintage Coach. The bags were pricey at about $5 each. I don’t know if that was a good idea.

There was one good thrift store pick up which was a Lisa Frank trapper keeper binder and accessories. It was $7 but sold quickly for $39. I remember Lisa Frank from when I was going to school!

So glad that tag sale season is back. So is the snow in the northeast unfortunately. Crazy weather!!

2 responses to “Disney, Vintage Toys, Bags and Plush

  1. love the stuffed toys so cute have a great day

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