Vintage Plush, Barbie and a Hippo

Very slowly there are starting to be a few sales popping up. I went to a tag sale and an estate sale this weekend. I went to the tag sale after work. The information said that it was open until 4:00. I got there at 3:30 and they were packing it up and putting everything under a tent but stacking the boxes so it was really hard to look. I was there and two other people were looking so I didn’t understand why they didn’t just wait a bit to pile things up so we could shop. At least the prices were good. I spent $4 there and I got an old Disney stuffed Elliot from the movie Pete’s Dragon.


I also picked up a purple Heffalump named Lumpy, also from Disney but newer than Elliot.


On Saturday there was an estate sale. The prices were very high. It was run by an estate sale company. I picked up a cute Steiff elephant partially because I couldn’t really resist him and partly because I think I can still make a profit with him. He cost $10. He’s very small and has the sweetest face. One of his ears is badly damaged. I wouldn’t mind keeping him. They also had some old Peanuts figures similar to the ones I picked up at the big doll sale in January, but these were marked at $35 each!


I picked up a few things at the thrift store. I bought one plush item which is a Jellycat Cordy Roy fox. This type of plush will usually sell for at least $20.


I found a blue ceramic hippo from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. He is one of their mascots. His name is William and he is a beautiful shade of turquoise.


I love kaleidoscopes. I have picked up several in the past few years and I always enjoy them a while before they sell. This one is stained glass with two embellished wheels that spin independently and produce beautiful designs.

In the doll area I picked up this Barbie who is made to look like Samantha from the old TV show Bewitched. She is complete except for her broom. Most of the ones on Ebay are mint in the box but some of the loose dolls are selling too. I used to love this show when I was young.

Those are this weeks highlights! Happy Spring to everyone!!

2 responses to “Vintage Plush, Barbie and a Hippo

  1. I love kaleidoscopes, too. Good Luck on your sales.

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