Fitz and Floyd, Snoopy and Sale #2

This week I went to an estate sale near my house, the thrift store and a school sale. Next to church rummage sales, school sales are my favorite so when I saw this on one the internet, I really  wanted to go. Somehow I justified the nearly 2 hour drive to get there. But it was worth it for the fun and I got some good finds.

There were 2 Polly Pocket play sets. The first was a Wizard of Oz Emerald City. Unfortunately it only came with the Wizard character. It sold within a day for $19.


I was luckier with the second set in terms of how many characters it came with. This Beauty and the Beast castle had 7 characters inside. It also lights up in a very cool way.

I thought this music box was very charming. The dance floor spins as the music plays. It is by Mr. Christmas.


I also picked up a marble Dansk cheeseboard and a Goodnight Moon blanket lovey.

For all this stuff I paid $12.50. There is a big difference in the amount I pay for items at sales like these and what I pay at the thrift store. I’m not factoring in how much I spent for gas. Let’s just forget about that in this case.

Speaking of paying up at the thrift store, I paid $20 for this beautiful Coach bag. I am hoping to get $70 for it. It’s vintage and the leather is super soft!


During this same trip I found this unusual Snoopy pillowcase. It was a nice price of $2. I hoping it will appeal to motorcycle and Peanuts people. And patriotic people.


I also went to an estate sale this week which had high prices, which is what I normally find at estate sales. For $10 I picked up this ceramic pig wall pocket. I don’t know if he is charming or offensive. He is made by Fitz and Floyd. I’m hoping to get $40 for him.


I also picked up a vintage glass and brass display case and a baby toy. Believe it or not this baby toy called Wiggle Worm appears to sell for about $20. It was only 50 cents.

Those were the highlights of my sourcing week! Hopefully more sales will start happening soon!

4 responses to “Fitz and Floyd, Snoopy and Sale #2

  1. Wendy

    Great finds Jill! It was still too cold last weekend for tag sales…I didn’t see any of interest. Maybe next weekend will be good, now that it’s spring!

  2. I think the weekend after Easter should definitely be promising!

  3. Hi, Jill. I recognize that worm. It was a family baby toy for years, so I asked Mom what the appeal was to maybe justify that price. She says what she liked was that it was washable, chewable, and easy to grab. Sounds like a doggie chew toy, lol. She also says there was not much variety of baby toys, either so this was really popular. But no idea why it’s worth $20, except for sentimental reasons.

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