Vintage Dolls and a Teddy Bear

I didn’t buy very much this week. I just found a few items at the thrift store. The good news is that I’m starting to see some dates for sales pop up around here. The famine may be ending soon! Here’s what I bought this week.

There was a huge pile of plush at the thrift store this week. I sorted through and bought this plush Lilo doll from the show Lilo and Stitch.


That’s a cute Build A Bear underneath the Star Wars Clone Trooper costume. He was $5.


I bought two other dolls. I couldn’t find any information on this Ladybug doll but she was only $3 so I picked her up. I thought her face was so sweet!

I was happy to spot this Bitty Baby in a pile for $2. Her body is a little dirty but I’m still hoping to get $24 for her. I wish I had an outfit to put her in.


The last item is a Little Einsteins Fly and Learn Globe which I never saw before. I have sold quite a few of the Little Einsteins rocket ships so I looked this item up and they seem to sell between $30 and $50.


The following are some recent sales. Some of these items have been listed for quite a while.

American Girl pet dog Rembrandt: $22

Aynsley turquoise tea cup and saucer: $22

Ivory Soap advertising coaster set: $19

Pat Pat Rocket from Little Einsteins with no lid: $24

Police Officer photo album with badge: $29

Retro waste basket with fruit: $24

That’s all for now. Hopefully things will be picking up soon!

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