A Trip to the Goodwill Outlet Bins!

I’m apparently really impatient to do some Ebay sourcing. So much so that I drove 1 hour and 15 minutes to the closest Goodwill Outlet on Sunday. If you’ve never been to a GW outlet, it is quite an experience. I believe it is where unsold items and surplus inventory from Goodwill go to give them one last shot of being purchased. There are no shelves or displays. Everything is dumped into these giant blue bins on wheels and you have to dig through them. The bins are somewhat organized based on what goes inside. Some bins are for clothing, some for books and some for hard goods like toys and housewares. Because lots of people are looking, things get tossed about and sometimes break so there can be sharp pieces. There is also some dirt and grime involved. Every once in a while a new bin is brought out and people stand by until someone says “go” and then its ok to start digging.

I have heard that things can get ugly at these places with pushy, nasty people but everyone that I ran into on this day was so nice! I was looking in a bin with clothing and a lady (a fellow shopper) came over and tapped me on the back and pointed to where they were bringing out a new bin of clothing. I don’t think she spoke English. In another instance there was a metal cookie cutter on the floor that I picked up and put into a bin. Then this nice lady said to me “Thank you for doing that. I may have tripped on it.” I mean, people were exceptionally nice.

I got there at about 9:30 in the morning and just looked through the hard good bins that I guess had been there from yesterday. But even though I assume they were pretty picked over I was able to find some good and interesting items.

I found this Tyco Kitty Kitty Kittens plush. Last year I sold 2 of these. She purrs when you hold her.


I found this cute little Dakin cat puppet.


This is Mumford the Magician. He is a kind of rare character from Sesame Street. I’m hoping to get $15 for him.


I found 2 cross stitch kits.

This book looks like it may have some value, as well as this Williamsburg fabric remnant which came out of a bin of blankets, sheets and other fabric.

This interesting object was sitting there. It’s called Spine-Worx and it is for back therapy. Since it had a name I was able to look it up and they appear to sell for between $20 and $24. You’re supposed to adjust your spine into the space between the two yellow pieces. Who knew? My husband is fascinated with it.


I picked up this 3D plastic apple puzzle. I got it because it is from 1989 and even though the box is destroyed the pieces are still sealed in the original plastic.


Another item I picked up was this set called The Mouse in the Maze A Science Game. It’s some kind of educational game that teaches children how to do experiments. It was from 1973 and in good condition. When I researched it I couldn’t find anything so I just got it.

That’s most of what I bought along with some other odds and ends including a green lego base and a vintage noise maker. The great thing about the Goodwill Outlet is that you pay by the weight of the item. Everything I bought cost $17. I thought it was really fun.

On the other side of the coin is the increasingly expensive thrift store. I think I must have paid about $5 for each of the following items there including:

This Rainbow Brite Shy Violet doll. She sold the next day for $24. I was excited to find her.



I picked up a few more toys including a colorful Lakeshore magnetic shapes game, a lego Disney Cars set, a Mickey Mouse figure and a playmobil bus.


In the housewares area I saw this adorable sewing machine teapot by Cardew Designs in England. It sold today for $24.


Finally I picked up a TI-89 calculator that sold for $39.

Sales have been picking up, I think due to Easter coming because the dolls and toys are selling for me recently. It won’t be too long now until you know what!


3 responses to “A Trip to the Goodwill Outlet Bins!

  1. Jen

    Love the bus! Great finds.

  2. Thanks! Can’t wait for spring thou!

  3. It is always fun reading your thrift adventure.

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