Is it Tag Sale Season Yet?

It’s hard to wait for tag sale season to return. I’m not a very patient person which is bad for selling on Ebay because, very often, items take a long time to sell. There was a sign at a local VFW for a tag sale on Saturday. It was just a few tables most with very high priced items. I purchased a Vanellope doll from Wreck it Ralph. The lady had a whole pile of stuffed animals and dolls. When I asked her how much (nothing was priced) I expected her to say $1 or $.50. $5.00 is what she said! What? I offered $3 and she took it. This doll is supposed to be a talking doll. It turned out that the batteries were so corroded we couldn’t open the battery compartment. I’m going to try to sell her hair clips and shoes to recoup some money.

The only other thing I purchased was a bag of patches, mostly military, for $5. They sold within an hour of listing them for $22 with free shipping. I looked up the customer and he is a seller of military patches so I guess I provided him with some inventory.


Last week at the thrift store I picked up two items. One is a Police Officer scrapbook. It has a very nice badge decoration on the front.


The other item is a ceramic owl by Max Factor to hold make up brushes. I think he looks pretty vintage and I like the colors painted on him.


Today I went to the thrift store again because I am so antsy for tag sales and I wasn’t really finding anything so I took a walk by the shoes and purses to see if anything jumped out at me. They have all the Vera Bradleys and Coach bags priced up very high but I saw Alice in Wonderland peeking out at me. This is from a company called Loungefly and it looks like they can sell fairly well. It was only marked at $3.99.


I poked around a bit more by the bags and found a Mickey Mouse luggage/tote bag with Mickey all over it. It was $6.99 which is high but I was able to find a similar one on my phone app that had sold for $30 so I bought it. I think it’s a really fun bag.


That’s all I have to report for now. I hope the rest of the winter goes by quickly.

5 responses to “Is it Tag Sale Season Yet?

  1. Those Disney bags are adorable! 🙂 Especially the Alice one. I’m kind of a Disney freak, I love anything Disney. 😉
    When does tag season start back up again? Spring? If so I can relate…I am really antsy for spring myself!

  2. Wendy

    The winter is flying by…it won’t be long before we’ll be tag saleing again. Next month we should start to see sales. Especially if this nice weather holds up.

  3. I can’t resist a ceramic owl! And I love the Alice bag! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Bliss Tuesdays. Jo

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