Vintage Figures, Cologne and Dolls

This week I went to the thrift store and two estate sales on Long Island. People who live in the city are so lucky because even in the middle of winter – there are still sales!!

I really like this cute ceramic set of nesting dolls from the thrift store. They are actually measuring cups!! The smaller one goes inside the larger one. They are hand painted from Nantucket Home.


The other item I picked up at the thrift store was this Nike bag. I liked it because it was red and shiny. I must have really liked it because I paid $12 for it. I’m out of control. I saw one sell for $39 so hopefully it will be OK.


Between the two estate sales I went to I spent $40, which is too much! I got this vegetable head doll because it reminded me of the ones I found last year that sold for $80 each. This is a very different kind of doll but I am hoping to get about $24 for her. She is cute in a quirky way. Her eyes go in different directions.


This next item is a Royal Copenhagen figure. It was $10. I thought it would be worth more but it is worth about $34. I didn’t look it up before I bought it.


The next item from this sale was a baseball glove. Since baseball season is coming I’m hoping some parents will be looking to save some money on sports equipment.


I also got this bottle of vintage cologne from 1985. They sell new and sealed for $75. Mine is not new and sealed but it’s in the original box. I’ve never sold fragrance before because of the shipping restrictions which confuse me but I’m going to try because did I mention that I spent $40 at these sales?


The last item is this vintage waste basket which I think is pretty cute with the apples, pears and cherries on it.


I had fun going to the estate sales. Ebay sales have been pretty slow for me. I’ve had a sale about every 2 to 4 days lately. Hopefully things will be picking up!

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