More Thrift Shopping for Reselling

Thrift stores are getting very expensive. I went to a Goodwill in another town today. Wow! It’s like a retail store with the prices. I was excited to see this item in a newly pulled out cart. It was $5. It was a muppet from FAO Schwarz. I love these. I sold a different style of one at Christmas for $29.99. That one was a boy. This is a girl so I think it may do better. She’s gorgeous. Not. I’ll enjoy playing with her until she sells.


At another Goodwill I picked up this doll. She is a “Gund Girl” named Addy. I hope to get $20 for her. She was $3. She’s very cute. Really this time.


I found a pair of shoes even though I still have two pairs in my store that haven’t sold yet. I couldn’t resist the pink and when I looked them up them seem to go for between $30 and $40. They cost me $15 at Goodwill. Yikes! But aren’t they something? They are Danskos and in very good condition.


This next item was $1. It is a clay cookie mold. They are marked Brown Bag Cookie Art and people collect them. I heard about them on Youtube. Some of the bigger or rare ones can bring good money. For this one I am hoping to get $14.


The last and probably best item I picked up was this Hallmark ornament from 1985. It was $5 at the thrift store. I don’t pick up many Hallmark ornaments any more unless they are from the early 80’s or from one of the series that does well like the Frosty Friends, Rocking Horses or birds. The early 80’s is when Hallmark started to come out with the really cute 3D keepsake ornaments. I’m hoping to get at least $30 for this cute one.


So that’s it for this week! Hope you all are having a good winter so far! Mine is kind of creeping along. Boy I miss the tag sale prices.

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