Vintage Dolls, Toys and Christmas

I found a few items at Goodwill last week. Two of them are wooden. The first is a display stand by Anri of Italy. I believe it is meant to display figures from a coordinating circus set but I am selling it as an item that can be used to display any small figurines. It is hand painted and looks like a stage or circus tent. I think it’s really charming. It was $1.50.


I recognized this second item because my son used to have Tech Deck Dudes which are mini figures that ride on skateboards. This is a wooden half pipe skateboard ramp for the Tech Deck Dudes. Most of the ramps they sell for this set are plastic. This wooden one may sell for $24. It was $2.00.


This next item came from Savers. This is the second paperweight I have found there. The last one which featured a bluebird sold for $24. This one was marked Waterford Evolution. I found out that this design is called Cosmic Waters. It was $4 and I’m hoping to get between $30 and $40 for it.


There was an estate sale advertised in the local Pennysaver in a town only 20 minutes away from me. The ad mentioned dolls and toys so I thought I should check it out. I don’t usually have great luck at estate sales but this one was run by the family, not an estate sale company. They just wanted to get rid of stuff so the prices were pretty good. I ended up spending $53 which is a lot but I think it was worth it.

The first items I picked up were these three sweet vintage Christmas elves. I have never seen a knee hugger with such a sparkly red outfit.


In the same room I saw Snoopy and Belle dressed for the Japanese Girls Festival. This is where they set up beautiful dolls on display steps. I had a friend when I was young who celebrated this holiday and it was amazing. Snoopy and Belle are wearing kimonos and crowns and are seated on pillows.


They are small – about 4″ tall. They seem to be an unusual item so I’m pricing them high.

There were several pop culture/advertising toys that I picked up including Snap Crackle and Pop, Smokey the Bear and the Stay Puft Marshmallow guy from Ghostbusters from 1984. In good condition this figure can go for $40 but unfortunately this one is very dirty and discolored and I only made it worse when I tried to clean him. I’m going to try to get $14 for him. (As I’m writing this Snap Crackle and Pop just sold for $27.99.)

I mentioned that the ad for this sale said “dolls” and when I walked into one room there were about 80 dolls. It was overwhelming. Unfortunatley most of the dolls were Effanbee dolls which, in my experience, don’t really sell for that much. But I did spot a Sasha doll named Serie. These dolls are made in England and can bring good money. She was $5 and I’m pricing her high. Sasha dolls have very distinctive faces. In my 10 years of selling on Ebay the best sale I ever had was from a Sasha doll that sold for $800 on auction a few weeks before Christmas several years ago. That doll was more rare that this one but that was something! I was very excited when I saw this doll.

There were 2 very old Peanuts dolls, Lucy and Charlie Brown. I can’t read the date but I think that they are from the 1950s or 60s. They are not in great shape.


There were a lot of dolls there and I’m sure some were valuable but I really didn’t know. I looked some up that didn’t look like they were worth the $5. They guy noticed me on my phone and started saying stuff like – I’m sure some of these are going for good money on Ebay. He said that he thought some were worth about $30 but he didn’t have time to sell them himself. I wanted to ask which ones exactly was he talking about but I didn’t think that would be right. Some of the dolls were quite old looking. Maybe I should have taken a chance on some of those. I guess its best that I didn’t since $53 was all the cash I had. It was a fun day that I didn’t expect at the end of January!

4 responses to “Vintage Dolls, Toys and Christmas

  1. Wendy

    More great finds! The paper weight photo came out beautiful! Good luck with your sasha doll!

  2. Do you have a lot of estate sales down where you are in the winter? It was so warm today it makes me forget it’s still only January with 2 more months left until tag sale season : (

  3. Jen

    Love the Japanese Snoopy animals.

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