Best Plush/Stuffed Animal Finds of 2015

One of my readers requested a plush finds post so here it is, on this blizzarding day in January.

I love to sell plush. People at tag sales and even at the thrifts usually have them priced fairly low. I don’t like to sell them unless I can get at least $19.99 so last year I didn’t pick up too many but it’s fun when you can.

I’ll start with this Flying Monkey from the Wizard of Oz. He seems to be a favorite character. If you find the Barbie version of the Flying Monkey – that is a good pick up too. I think I paid $3 for him and sold him for $24.99. He is very good quality.


Teddy Ruxpin is a good find if he is working. He is originally from the 1980’s I believe and I thought that only the good ones were the vintage ones. They did a reissue of these in 2006 and I sold this newer one for about $34.99.


Some muppet/Jim Henson plush will do well. Beaker and his partner, Dr. Honeydew are good to pick up. They can sell for between $24 and $29 usually. This colorful muppet sold pretty well. Her name is Tingo. This muppet from the FAO Schwarz Whatnot Workshop sold for $29.99.

Plush that has advertising can sell well. One of my best finds was this Coach logo dog. This plush Rudolph had a Pepsi logo on it. It sold for about $24. It may have moved at some point but I wasn’t able to test it and it still sold well. The white bear had a BMW sweater on him. I believe he sold for $19. Recently I pick up a bulldog that is a mascot for Mini Cooper. I think he might be a good seller too.

Steiff is always exciting to find. Sometimes people miss the small ear button and just throw them in with the pile of other stuffed animals.

This old zebra was only a quarter.


Coincidentally, a week earlier I found this newer Steiff Zebra. I believe this one sold for $38 and cost $3.


The third Steiff I found this year was this sweet little deer. It was $5.00 at a yard sale and I think brought about $29.


Star Wars can be great too find but there is a tremendous amount of items out there and it is not all worth picking up. The two plush I found this year were an Ewok (which I think only sold for $10 or $14) and this older Chewbacca which brought $39 fairly quickly.



Sometimes if you find a nice oversized plush you can get good money for it. I found these 2 giant How To Train Your Dragon stuffed toys at a church sale. They sold together for $39.


This jumbo Bananas in Pajamas sold for $39 but I lost $10 because I underestimated the shipping costs. This is something to be careful of when you are buying large items – even plush.


This dancing gopher from the movie Caddyshack can sell between $29 and $39 in working condition. This is the one I found this year.


My best plush sale for this year was this Balto dog which sold for $99. All the characters from the movie Balto sell really well. I don’t know why. I’ve never seen the movie.


Those are some highlights of 2015. I hope you found some of this information helpful. Now I miss tag sale season more than ever.


5 responses to “Best Plush/Stuffed Animal Finds of 2015

  1. Wendy

    This post is awesome!!! Just what I needed on this blizzard Saturday. Thanks so much for showing what to look out for in those massive piles of plush that make my head spin. You’re amazing! I did have success with a plush…”Crash Bandicoot” who was in really good shape with the original tag. I bought it for a quarter and it sold for $50. I always look out for him. Ella the elegant elephant is rare and valuable too. She’s from a book. I had a mini with a plastic clip so you could attach it to a purse or hang it. That went for $35. So if you ever see a big one, grab it. Thanks again!!!

  2. Jen

    I’m not an Ebayer but I enjoy these posts a lot! I hope to try some Goodwill stores this summer looking for AG items, and now I know to keep an eye out for treasures like Steiff!

  3. Jen

    I also wanted to add that LADL reports the Bitty Babies may be retiring soon, so that might be something of value in the future

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