Thrift Store Finds – Waterford and World’s Fair

I found some Polly Pocket items in a plastic bag at the thrift store last week. This bag was marked $2.99. There were three Polly items inside.

This Jungle Pets tree house set is almost complete but there are a few animals missing.


This Wild Zoo World compact had all the original animals and I added a replacement figure that I had. It sold in a few days for $16.99.


The third item in the bag was this little green apple compact with two original figures inside. It sold for $18.99 shortly after listing. I actually don’t know how they fit all of this in one small plastic bag but they did.


The doll I picked up last time that was Kaitlin from the Best Friends Club surprised me when she sold for $29.99 within a few days. At the time I bought her I saw another of the same doll at the store. When I went back a few days later, I picked her up too and am hoping to make a similar sale. The problem with these dolls is that they have a lot of joints which can become loose. The first doll I sold had very tight joints and was very posable. This second doll has some loose joints but is still fairly posable.

In another category I bought this porthole style ornate eagle mirror from Syroco. It’s not my style but some people like these and this one sold for $19.99. It was $1.99.


I saw this colorful glass tray with the Wells Fargo truck on it. When I looked closer I saw that it said “Serving the World’s Fair.” It has a copyright date of 1961 and is marked ” for the New York World’s Fair 1964 – 1965.” That could be a good find.


I spotted this glass because of it’s unusual look and I liked the turquoise color of it. It was marked “Evolution” and on closer inspection I saw that in smaller letters it said “by Waterford”. Unfortunately there is a small flaw on the base. It was $7.99. I debated whether to purchase it or not but ended up buying it.


The last time I went to the thrift store this week I wasn’t feeling very well and think I had a slight fever at the time. This is my excuse for buying three of these vintage grape clusters for $3.99 each. I really don’t think that was a good idea. The prices of these things are all over the place on eBay. Why did I buy three of them? Don’t go thrifting when you have a fever.


I am grateful to be able to continue to resell through the winter by going to the thrift store but although I have found some good items the prices are so much higher than at the tag and rummage sales in the spring and summer. Is winter over yet?

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