Thrift Store Finds – Dolls and Toys

I went to the thrift store twice this week and found some dolls and toys to sell. I think that people clean out after Christmas to make room for the new items.

I picked up two dolls. One is this nurse doll by Medline which is a medical products company. They did a series of dolls about the history of nursing. I picked her up because she was in her box and someone who has a child who wants to be a nurse might like her.


This doll is Kaitlin from the Best Friends Club which I never heard of before but she is well madeย and I am hoping to get $19.99 for her. She looks like she may have had too much coffee.


All the hair growing dolls from a few posts back sold between $24 and $29 so I am trying out different dolls

I also purchases a few plush items. This plush pig was new in his box. He can go in the microwave to warm him up.


This dog was in a pile at the Goodwill for $1. When I looked at his tag it said American Girl. He is the pet of Saige, an American Girl doll of the Year that I sold several months ago. I am hoping to get $24.99 for him.


Also along the toy line is this car for the Calico Critters. I didn’t realize what it was at first and when I got home I remembered that I had seen the same car on a Youtube Channel. I went back to get it the next day. It was marked $1.99. It sold within a few days for $29.99.


While I was away in Buffalo for Christmas I went to some thrift stores there. I picked up these Doodlebops doll for $5, which is kind of high but I heard they can sell. It sold several days later for $24.99.


At another Buffalo thrift store I purchased these Landsend boots for $9.00. I have them up for $49.99. Buffalo thrift stores are expensive! They are nice but they have some discolorations. They are also my size so if they don’t sell I’ll keep them. Love when that happens.


That’s it for now. This winter here is the east coast is starting out pretty mild. Great weather for thrifting!

7 responses to “Thrift Store Finds – Dolls and Toys

  1. Oh my goodness, that pig is absolutely ADORABLE!! ๐Ÿ˜€ Great finds, especially those shoes….if they don’t sell, you get a new (haha, or used in this case ๐Ÿ˜‰ )pair of shoes for a great price! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Wendy

    Yes, Kaitlin does look buzzed. LOL. Love the shoes. I only buy shoes in my size, and I try them out first. I got a great pair of boot for $2 that I wear to work. You still getting sales this time of year? I hoping things will pick up.

  3. Jen

    Love Saige’s dog Rembrandt! I don’t think AGs new embroidered eyes are as nice as the old ones. The car seems like a special find!

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