Best Doll Finds of 2015

There were many doll purchases this year. I learned about some I never heard of before. Here is a top ten list of favorites.

In the number 10 spot is this Topsy Turvy doll and her little vehicle. She was made at the same time as the Liddle Kiddles. I think she’s very cute and funny and something I would have liked as a child. She was in a 25 cent bag and sold for $24.99.


This vintage doll came from one of the first tag sales in 2015. She is a Tiny Terry doll. She is marked My Toy on her back and measures about 4″ tall. She was only a quarter. I believe she sold for $24.99.


This Flower Darling doll came sealed in her original box at a sale where I found several dolls and doll items from the 1960’s. I never saw this one before but I was excited to find her in her box. I paid $2 and she sold for $49.99 after a while of being listed.


This doll, in the number 7 spot is a Global Friends Doll from Egypt. She was a thrift store find for $5 and I believe she also sold for $49.99. She is very pretty and has a beautiful costume.


I picked up several Bitty Baby dolls this year. This find, at number 6, was from a sale for a Temple. The doll was $2 and the clothes and accessories were in two small bags for about $2 each. The entire lot sold for $74.99.


In the number 5 spot is this lovely My Child doll. I love to find these dolls but often they are in poor condition. They can still sell though. I was thrilled that this one was in very good condition with her outfit. She was bought at a church sale for about $2 and sold for $89.99.


The next doll, at number 4, is a Barbie. There are so many Barbie dolls out there that I have a hard time finding dolls with any value. This one stood out to me on the thrift store toy shelf. Her dress was so stunning and she had so many awesome details. I figured out that she was Madame Du Barbie and her dress was a Bob Mackie design. She was $7. After a small issue with the buyer (part of her head dress was not attached when she arrived) she sold for $70.

This next doll, at number 3 was a very surprising thrift store find because they always pull out the American Girl dolls and put them behind the counter for at least $50. This one was laying there with a bunch of similar looking American Girl doll look-alikes with a $2.99 price tag. I thought she looked like better quality and thought – Nah – it couldn’t be. But when I looked on the back of her neck I saw the American Girl doll mark. She is Saige, an American Girl doll of the year. I sold her twice. The first buyer sent her back because they felt the hair was too frizzy. The second buyer, who paid $99, liked her.


Number 2 is a doll I found also at one of the first sales of the year which was a boy scout fundraiser. This doll was in the toy section and I wouldn’t have know what she was if she didn’t have a bracelet with the brand Gotz on it. She is a tall ballerina doll. I think she measured about 20″ tall. Unfortunately I had no clothes with her but she still sold for $90.

Here she is, my 2015 best selling doll of the year. She was at a community sale wrapped up in a rubber band with some of her clothing and a $7 price tag. I looked her up before I bought her because $7 is more that I usually like to spend. She had very unusually long eyelashes. She was marked Furga, Italy. Her clothes were very 1960’s mod and she was wearing super cool boots. She measured about 18″ tall. She sold overseas for $180.



Those are my top ten doll finds! Hope 2016 brings you all awesome treasures!!


4 responses to “Best Doll Finds of 2015

  1. Jill, thanks so much for this amazing blog! So much fun to read about those dolls and what they sell for. Maybe someday, you can do a similar blog for plush. 🙂

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