Best Finds for Ebay 2015 Part 1

It’s the end of the year so it’s time for a best finds of 2015 blog! It’s been a fun year of scavenging for items to flip on Ebay. I am going to do a separate post regarding dolls because there were many doll finds this year too so, here we go!

In the number 10 spot is this charming vintage pinecone and felt Santa band. This wasn’t a particularly high dollar sale but I thought these were awesome and I was happy to find a whole bunch with their instruments. I think they sold for about $29.99. I believe I paid $2 at a school fundraiser sale. I will have to check all prices later because I don’t have my notebooks with me as I write this.


Number 9 is this wooden apple tea set. I think I paid $2 or $3 and sold it for $39.99. This was an item that I kept for a while before I sold it and after it sold I think I had about 5 different people who asked me if it was still available in the following weeks and months. It had a miniature tea set inside and even included a tiny table. It was purchased at the thrift store.

Number 8 is this stuffed Coach dog which was something I had never seen before. I really liked his snazzy jacket. I believe he sold for $49.99. He was purchased for about $5 at the thrift store.


Number 7 was a local thrift store find for $4. It is a small carved wooden mid century modern salt cellar by a famous artist named Emil Milan. It sold for $79.99.


Number 6 was a group of Strawberry Shortcake doll house furniture which sold for $85 even though there were defects in some of the pieces. This was purchased at a church sale.


Number 5 were a group of Polly Pocket items. I found several bags of Polly Pocket compacts with figures at the thrift store. This hospital was the most valuable and rare of the group and sold for $89.99. It cost about $4.00.

I love to find Dansk items. I love their mid century modern shapes. This year I picked up this interesting bowl for $10 and sold it for $99. I never saw this shape before.


Number 3 was another mid century modern item. This starburst clock was laying on the lawn at a garage sale. I paid $5 and sold it for $99. It was a bear to ship until I realized that the spokes were removable.


In the number two spot for best find of the year is this Swatch Bunnysutra Watch in the case. I bought it for $5 at a sale where I couldn’t get near the jewelry table but when everyone else had gone, somehow this was still there. It sold for $165.00. ( I have to double check this price but it was something like this.) It features bunnies being nasty with each other and has some kind of game feature as well.


My number one find of the year was this vintage Owl bag by designer Marin Van Schaak. This was bought at one of the best sales I went to all year. It was at a church where there were piles of stuff and most items were about $1. I priced this one at $200 because I saw a similar bag featuring turtles by the same designer sell for $150.

I am so grateful for all these good finds, for Ebay and all the people that shop there, for all the bloggers and Youtubers that share their knowledge and experiences and for all the readers of this blog. Have a wonderful New Years and a fantastic 2016!!

To come…top 10 doll finds of 2015!

3 responses to “Best Finds for Ebay 2015 Part 1

  1. Wow, very interesting and educating of what’s trending on eBay. Great finds, love the clock and the owl bag and thanks for sharing.

  2. bluginhm

    Boy, chalk me up as another one with the apple tea set – I’ve been looking for one of those ever since one of my best friends had one back in 1966! I’ve just been looking in all the wrong places at the wrong times! Cool stuff!

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