Vintage Dolls and Star Wars

The thrift store came through this week with some dolls and toys. I recognized right away this hair growing Mia doll by Ideal from the 1970’s because I sold a similar one several years ago. Ideal came out with a whole line of hair growing dolls. I think the most famous ones were Crissy and Velvet. Besides Mia there were several dolls that I didn’t recognize but they all had the same hair growing feature. I left the Crissy and the Velvet because I think that, unless they are in excellent condition, they are not too rare or valuable. I picked up several and after some research found out what member of the “Crissy Family” they were. Each was marked $1.99.

Here is Mia. Unfortunately she is wearing two different shoes which I didn’t realize at first because they are similar in color. Her jumper is the original outfit she was sold in.

This next doll is Brandi. I think she is Crissy’s cousin from California. She is very tan. Really tan. Kind of orange.

I am selling these next two dolls together. The small one is Cinnamon and she looks like a small version of Crissy. The other doll is Dina and she also is quite tan. This was before sunscreen became popular.

This last pair of dolls sold yesterday for $24.99.

Another doll I found was this topsy turvy Alice in Wonderland by Jellycat of London. When you flip her over she becomes the Queen of Hearts. She has very nice details in her dress that show parts of her story.

I picked up two Star Wars items. The first is an AT AT vehicle. Unfortunately it is missing a lot of parts and may not sell.


The other Star Wars item is this set of 6 character Gingerbread cookie cutters. I really wish I had found this item a month ago. I may have to save it until next Christmas.

The last item was a new in the box Littlest Pet Shop game called Hideaway Haven. There is another game that is more valuable than this one.


I hope everyone enjoys the holidays!! Stay tuned for some Best Of 2015 posts!!


2 responses to “Vintage Dolls and Star Wars

  1. Wendy

    The Star Wars stuff might sell because of the movie. You know the tan doll? I think they get darker over time. I had one like that. Thank God for the thrift stores!

  2. That’s funny that they get darker because they are really dark. My sister had Velvet. I never had one. Deprived.

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