A-thrifting We Will Go

I have to admit it. Tag Sale season is over. Waaaah!!!!! OK. I have to stop crying and go to the thrift stores! I have not had any luck in the past several weeks but when I went last Sunday I picked up a few good things.

In one section of my store they group dolls in bags and hang them on a wall. Usually it’s groups of Bratz or Barbies but I check it out anyway. This time I saw a bag with three Barbies and one had long eyelashes and looked vintage to me. Her bottom said 1966 Made in Japan. I believe she is PJ and hopefully will sell for about $20. The bag was $4.

There was a paperweight with the image of a blue bird on it. I don’t usually pay much attention to paperweights but this one was marked and signed and people like birds. It is by John Derian Company Inc. Some of his paperweights do very well. I put this one up for $24.99.


I thought these were very cute. They are a set of stoneware coasters with vintage Ivory Soap graphics on them. They come together in a little wooden crate. Unfortunately one is chipped on the edge.

Some items from some recent posts have sold.

Fur mouse baby from West Germany for $19.99

Steve and Blue Clues figures for $26.99

Revell airplane model kit for $9.99

Mid Century elephant toothpick holder for $9.99

This Gloworm turtle and lot of mini gloworms sold for $29.99 after several months in my store.

Hope you are having fun getting ready for the holidays!!

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