Christmas Bazaar/Tag Sale and a Chess Set Miracle

This weekend there was one Christmas Bazaar/Tag Sale that I had never been to before. They can really be hit or miss but this one was fairly large and I purchased several items.

The first thing I saw was this cute small toy kitchen. I believe it is from the 1980’s. It is made in Hong Kong. The blender spins and the light on the stove top goes on. It came with the original food and utensils. It reminded me of one that my sister had and we used to play with it together.

There was a table of toys where I found this and I also picked up a plush Steve doll from the show Blues Clues. Blues Clues still seem to be fairly popular on ebay. I am lotting him with a group of Blues Clues PVC figures that wouldn’t sell on their own. If you ever see a “Handy Dandy Notebook” from that show – pick it up – because they sell too. This Steve is holding a small version of one.


The last toy item I found was a set of small My Little Pony toys. The set was a dollar so I took a chance on it.


In the housewares area I picked up two seashell themed window valances because they were mint in the bag and I just finished buying curtains for my bedroom and they are expensive in the store! These were marked $1. This set sold a few hours after I listed it for $19.


Also in the housewares area was this set of glass horns that are Christmas ornaments.

This pair of shoes was pretty funny. They are for New Year’s Eve and have the date 2000 on them which makes them pretty specific but I thought someone might be interested anyway. They are a large size of 10 M. They make quite a statement.


In the small trinket area I picked up these three items. The Snowbabies/Elmo piece is Department 56. The little elephant is a toothpick holder that I have sold before for about $10. The cat is marked Aldon Accessories 1975. I can’t find a similar one online. Someone may like him if they have a cat that looks like that. He has a cute face.

The last item I will share with you is this vintage chess set. It is from 1979 and is called Renaissance Chess. It has large unusual plastic pieces. For $2 I thought I would take a chance on it. I couldn’t really carry it around with the other things I had so I asked the lady who was checking people out if I could put it down by her. There was a bunch of stuff that people had been holding near her. I don’t like to do this generally because things disappear a lot that way. It gets very crowded and busy and shoppers don’t realize items are being held or whatever. I just don’t like to put down my stuff unless I have to. So when I was ready to pay I said “I also had the chess set” and the checkout lady asked this little girl to hand her the chess set. This little girl was about 7 or so and apparently not familiar with picking up boxes. She grabbed it with one hand by the short end of the box and the thing flew open like a mouth sending plastic chess pieces flying everywhere among all the other items being held. Fun fun fun. We picked up what we could and after I paid and went to my car I tried to check it and thought there were about 4 pieces missing. I went back in and we found about 6 pieces here and there. I didn’t really have a good feeling but lo and behold when I got home and checked it – they were all there!


I’m hoping to get about $20 for it.

Things have been selling pretty well. The nice thing about 4th quarter is that many things that have been laying around for months start to sell. Here are some items that I have had for a while that have finally sold.

Flower Power plate for $16.


Bananas in Pajamas for $39.


Vintage Lego Firehouse set for $39.


A pair of Silver Tab jeans for $19.


Glo Worm for $34.


Disney Princess charm bracelet for $14.

I glad things are selling because I have been doing some online shopping for the holidays myself!!


2 responses to “Christmas Bazaar/Tag Sale and a Chess Set Miracle

  1. Haha…I thought the chess pieces story was very funny. 😉 I’m sure it wasn’t funny at all at the time, though.
    It looks like you made out well! Those New Years high heels are just too funny….but I also think they’re kind of cool. I can definitely see myself buying them—not to wear, just to display. 😉

  2. It was funny. Everyone was so nice it was hard to be upset about it. I know those heels are something else. You never know what you will find!

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