Epic Tag Sale Fail

I think the church sale I went to on Saturday gets the prize for the worst sale experience of 2015. I have been going to Holiday Festival/Tag sale events where the churches sell wreaths and they have jewelry and other vendors, and also an area with a tag sale. The sale can be big or small. It varies. The tag sale area for the event I went to on Saturday was pretty small. I picked up a remote control battle robot vehicle. It wasn’t until I got it home that I realized it didn’t have the remote control.


I picked up a box that pictured a pretty jewelry box with animated dancers when you opened it. It was a Mr. Christmas item which is a good brand. I opened the top and saw some styrofoam so I thought that it was packed and I didn’t want to take it all out. I should have because inside the box, when I got home, I found a ceramic Santa Claus, not a jewelry box. I told myself not to look up the jewelry box but of course I did and found out they go for about $50. That would have been a good find!

The night before at another sale I went to, I picked up a Pound Puppy which is a stuffed toy line from the 80’s and he was still in his original box. It wasn’t until the next day that I realized the box also contained a large amount of mouse poo. Free with purchase I guess. I couldn’t throw it out fast enough!

I did pick up some other items over the weekend. These are mostly small items. My favorite is this Otagiri cat trinket box in blue and white.


At this same sale I bought an Alka Kunst vase marked Bavaria. I bought it because I think it has a mid century modern graphic look.


This vintage Grimace plush was sitting in the plush pile.


I couldn’t get near the jewelry table because there were so many people but near the jewelry there was this pair of sunglasses that turned out to be by Kate Spade.


They were marked 50 cents. Most of the items were about $1.

I picked up this metal Christmas Tree shaped holiday card holder. I think this is a practical item and hope that will help it to sell.


This glass pig ornament is cute and still has the tag. He was 50 cents.



The sale I went to on Sunday where I got the pig and the card holder had a 10 cent box. I think it is always fun to look through those and see if you can find anything.

I found two packages of Lemon Wallies which are wall decals for decorating with. They go for about $8 each.



I found this cute miniature plastic nativity scene made in Hong Kong. Unfortunately the tops of the trees are broken off so I am putting in my mini room box. It’s only about 1 1/2″ tall.


The tag sale season is trying to end but I keep trying to keep it going by driving too far to sales and it’s not really working out so great!



2 responses to “Epic Tag Sale Fail

  1. Wendy

    Jill, don’t feel bad. I only hit one estate sale and got one item…a cast iron enameled baking dish. But that’s it for this weekend, and not much last weekend. How was the Kiss snowglobe?

  2. The snow globe has 2 watchers on it. Have you been listing? You’ve got some great stuff!!

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