Vintage Toys, Games and Small Animals Galore!

To continue from the big children’s sale from last weekend, there was a bag of Calico Critters. Two of the figures were from a set called Willow and Carly’s First Horse Show and some of the figures were dressed which makes them more collectible. The lot sold a day after I listed it for $29.

P1310442 P1310443 P1310444

I also picked up a bag of Littlest Pet Shop there for $3. There was one rare one, a purple Cocker Spaniel. He has already sold for $19 with free shipping. The others I tried to lot up in groups and hopefully they will sell too.

P1310446 P1310453 P1310458

I also bought a set of Uno Hearts. I am putting them up for $19 because the box is pretty worn. Mint in the box they can go for $30.


This weekend there was only one big sale that I found and only bought a few things for $15.

This is a vintage maze game with a clear plastic cube and a marble. You tip the cube in order to guide the marble through the maze. It comes with it’s original box which is unfortunately missing the top. It has some nice vintage illustrations.


The other interesting piece is this battery operated tin toy of a dog with a tennis racket. He originally came with a ball and I guess he bounced the ball on the racket. Unfortunately he doesn’t work. I’m still hoping to get something for him for his display value.


I found this guy at the thrift store. He’s from Star Wars. It took me hours to identify him and I thought he would be valuable because it’s a pretty rare character, but no. Maybe he’ll bring $10. He is spirit Anakin as he appears at the Ewok festival. This is how he would have looked if he hadn’t gotten all burned up in the lava.


That’s all for this week!

One response to “Vintage Toys, Games and Small Animals Galore!

  1. Those Calico Critters are so cute! I’m glad I never started collecting them – I could see them getting addictive. Great finds. Jo

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