Turning It Around with Vintage Toys and Holiday Sales

Last week I was a little down on the whole ebay/reselling thing but this week things have gone much better. I sold the American Girl Doll Saige and she was returned but then quickly sold again. I finally hit a good sale for finding items (thank you Wendy) and my sales have picked up and items I’ve had listed for several months are beginning to sell!

I went to a Children’s Sale on Saturday where I picked up most of my items for the weekend. There were lots of toys and also lots of people. The first item I spotted was this Muppet puppet from FAO Schwarz. I love these things because they look and feel like the professional puppets used on Sesame Street and puppets are my thing. I bought one of these for my birthday during a trip into the city where I went to the Muppet Workshop at FAO Schwarz and made one. It was $99. So I recognized this right away and it was only $2. It won’t sell for $99 but maybe between $30 and $40. I think he’s really cool.


There was some plush there for $1 each so I bought a few. This is a Kitty Kitty Kitten by Tyco. This is the second one I bought this year. I think the other one sold for $19. It purrs when you hold it.


This is a Jellycat plush. It was designed in London and these are collectible. The first Jellycat I ever found was also at this same sale 2 years ago. It is pretty small but may be one of those items that children use as a lovey and then the parents need multiples of them if one gets lost or damaged. He may sell for $30.


I found this small cute mouse puppet by Folkmanis. He may sell for $10. This My First Dolly by Gund is very cute too but also may only bring $10.

P1310383 P1310387

I had a few American Girl finds too. The first was at the same sale where I got all of the above items. The last two are from a community sale that I went to later in the day.

First there is this American Girl 6″ mini doll. I believe her name is Caroline. I was happy that she came in her complete outfit.


Coincidentally (these seem to happen often) at the later sale I found another American Girl mini doll. This one is named Emily and unfortunately she doesn’t have her shoes or socks.


The best American Girl find was this Bitty Baby for $1. I am hoping to get $25 for her. Unfortunately I don’t have an outfit for her. The Bitty Baby books and bottle are items I had picked up and was saving until I found a doll to go with them.


There were some other purchases that I haven’t photographed yet. If I can I will do an update later this week.

Sales have been picking up the last few days. The colorful Wedgwood items that I have had listed for quite awhile finally all sold to three different people. There was a yellow cup, a pink heart box and two purple pieces. I paid $7 for all and they sold collectively for $82.

So, this weekend Ebay was fun again. Like anything else, reselling certainly has its ups and downs.

2 responses to “Turning It Around with Vintage Toys and Holiday Sales

  1. Great finds! I can’t believe that Muppet was only $2 when they cost $100 in store. What a bargain!
    And yes, that mini doll is named Caroline. 😉
    I love those types of animal puppets-they look so lifelike and real! Whenever we’re in a store that sells them, my sister and I always have to play around with them for a few minutes. XD

  2. Yes! I play around with them too. They’re very irresistible! But then I usually end up buying one!!

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