Driving Too Far Again This Time of Year

I had a similar post last year at this time when I went to some rummage sales that were over an hour from my house and not finding too many things there to justify the cost of gas. The same thing happened this weekend. A lot of driving and only some good items as a result.

I had another thrifting coincidence. This time with Glo Worm. He is the cute light up and comfort you worm originally from the 80’s. I found this Glo Worm from 1985 at last weeks church sale in the plush pile. I didn’t photograph him because I hadn’t tested him yet. Luckily, he works. This week I found a Glo Turtle which I didn’t even know existed and inside his shell were 5 little Glo friends!

P1310311 P1310313 P1310279

At this same sale I picked up a pair of Silver Tab Levi’s jeans because I was desperate to find something to buy and I heard that they are good sellers. I also bought this mid century modern salad serving set.

P1310285 P1310287

At another sale I found this cute little enamel box from a company called Halcyon Days. It has beautiful colors. Some of these sell for between 80 and $100, depending on the design. I am hoping to get $40 for this one.

P1310291 P1310293 P1310301

It was a quarter. Gotta love the quarter table. I also found this Mary Poppins carpet bag key chain on the same table.


And, for the same price of one quarter, I got this small bag of Legos.


Now, I did spend more than 75 cents at this sale but surprisingly, the only items worth anything were these three items. So maybe I should limit myself to paying a quarter for things.

I found one great item at the thrift store during the week. I always look in the doll section of the toy area for vintage dolls. I never find American Girl dolls there. Sometimes they will have the American Doll lookalikes such as the Battatt dolls, Generation Girls or the 18″ Madame Alexander dolls. This day there were some 18″ Battatt dolls that were wearing American girl doll clothes. I thought that was strange so I keep looking and came upon an actual American Girl Doll for $3.99. They must not have noticed her because I have seen American Girl Dolls in this thrift store in the case, behind the counter for $50. So that was my best find of the week. She is Saige, the American Girl Doll of the year from 2013.

P1310258 P1310259

Here is a sales update for some items that have sold.

Dansk Kobenstyle warming pot: $17.99

Aaron Rubenstein modernist pendant: $45

Suzy Cute high chair set in box: $24.99

Finel cobalt blue bowl: $39.99

Vintage mid century menorah: $39.99

Aladdin’s Lamp: $26.99

Scentsy Buddy Elephant: $18.99

All the Polly Pocket items sold for a total of about $225

Hope you have found some interesting things this week!!

4 responses to “Driving Too Far Again This Time of Year

  1. wp2014

    Wow, you’re doing awesome! That’s crazy on the polly pockets. And don’t you love getting one over on the thrift shop? I remember the glo-worm from when Sean was little. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Not too many things though. I’d like to be finding more stuff for the holiday season coming up!

  3. Fonda Rush

    We went to our local Habit for Humanity ReStore and found two packages of vintage birthday cake candles and 4 carded/packaged sewing notions for 25 cents each. [I hate when they adhere price stickers that don’t come off cleanly!!!] We also got a pendant lamp fixture for half price ($13!!!). At a thrift store, I found a tall Aladdin thermos with steel/metal dimpled casing and red cup for $3 (value $10 – $16 per Etsy).

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